Top 8 Best Charcoal Smoker


Cooking delicious food with the best charcoal smoker has always been fun and a cause of pleasure. Have you even seen a group of peoples cooking their food with the charcoal smoker and having too much fun and entertainment? Have you ever dreamt about the great and best charcoal smoker to have a good time with your friends and family. People nowadays are crazy about the latest technology. This is the reason the interest for new machines is increasing day by day. In this article, you will get to know about the top great and best charcoal smokers, their uses and benefits.

A charcoal is a substance which is produced when wood is strongly heated. In this process, the lightweight black carbon residue is produced. This process occurs in the presence of minimum amount of oxygen and the purpose behind doing this is to remove all the volatile components. Beside all other fuels, the charcoal is used in cooking and heating purpose at large scale. The reason behind using this as a cooking fuel is because of its pure carbon which causes less air and environmental pollution as compared to uncarbonized organic material.

What is the best charcoal for smoker?

In a charcoal smoker, briquettes are a best choice for a smoker. The term briquettes come from the French word briquette which means brick. The compressed blocks of combustible material such as dust, coal etc is called briquettes. We will recommend briquettes for your smoker as compared to others which are just pressed form of briquettes. The natural burning agent is used in these materials. If you will select the best charcoal for your smoker then it will work fast and will remain for longer period of time. But to give the smoky flavor to the food mostly people use charcoal in smoking.

Top best charcoal smoker:

1: Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker 18 inches:

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With the best features and working process, this great and best charcoal smoker holds the top position in the market.  This 18-inch model is of suitable size which can be used very easily and simply. From the previous years, Weber is making efforts to improve the quality and material of products. This is one of the unique and stunning products of Weber with top benefits and features.

This is the only smoker which is made up of three main and important sections:

The section which contains the charcoal ring for smoke wood and charcoal is called the lower section. To control the flow of air and to control the temperature of smoke, this section also has adjustable vents.

The middle section is composed of two cooking grates, a water pan, and an access door.

It also has a lid with doom shape and a built in thermometer.

By purchasing this great and best charcoal smoker of Weber, you will be able to get the delicious flavor of smoky food at home without any worry. There are many notes worthy components in it to make your cooking easy and effortless. The components include a water pan, two grates, vents, and a handle which is heat resistant. Enjoy the every moment of cooking but using this great and best charcoal smoker and make the cooking painless and trouble free.

Feature analysis:

Rust Resistant materials:

All the materials in this charcoal smoker of Weber are made up of very best and fine quality. Rust resistant materials increase the life span of your product. Even if you wash it with water after use, the rust and corrosion will not occur. This makes your product very unique and great.

Easy to use:

Many people think that charcoal smoker is difficult to use. And cooking with these smokers is really hard and time consuming. But the truth is totally different. You can get your food ready in no time. Moreover you would not have to wait for many hours for cooking your food.

Cooking space:

It has a capacity to feed a big family for many days. Despite of its small footprint you will get a wide space for cooking. The town 18 and 1/2 inch large cooking grates combine to form a cooking space of 481 square inches. This space will accommodate large variety of food in it.

Why we prefer it?

It is composed of three main and important sections.

It is made by well known branded company.

This great and best charcoal smoker has built in lid thermometer.

  • The metal legs are rust resistant.
  • The cooking grates are made up of very best quality of steel.
  • It is easy to use and assemble.
  • The chrome coating makes it a long lasting product.
  • It has wide and large cooking capacity.
  • The side door is cheap and substandard.
  • It needs stablemen of temperature before cooking.
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This is one of the great and best charcoal smoker with all the unique features and top benefits. This is the best family smoker on God’s green earth. It is one of the bomb and incredible product if properly configured. It’s been around long enough that people have come up with new and innovative ways to enhance the basic WSM cooker. Other moods also allow you to use the WSM as a smoker or as a direct/indirect grill.

It is one of the perfect sizes because of the fuel capacity. This is versatile and compatible product with many advantages. Moreover, it can also be used as a grill or a smoker with appropriate moods. Your friends and family will like you more simply because of the good taste of food. The Weber Mountain smoky is fun to use and its taste is so delicious.

2: Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grills:

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You will be amazed at its features and working techniques. With a very simple and easy process, this kettle can be turned into the incredible and great smoker. If your foremost aim is smoking, we will still advice you to buy a smoker. You might get confused that whether you should spend money on it for smoking or not. The best option left is to buy the Weber original kettle premium. We claim it to be the great and best charcoal smoker because of its incredible features and efficient working process.

It has enough wide and spacious space to hold 13 burgers in it. The aluminum dampers in it are rust resistant. It has a cleaning system with the ash catcher to remove the excess ash which produces during the cooking process. The lid and bowl in it are porcelain enameled and they retain heat. There is also a lid hook in it. The purpose of lid hook is to avoid the lid to touch the ground while grilling and cooking food. One of the top best and great features of this best charcoal smoker is its 3D interactive assemble instructions.

Feature analysis:

Accurate heat control:

This great and best charcoal smoker controls the heat with high precision and accuracy. You would not have to lift up the lid to control the temperature. The temperature is simply controlled by easily adjusting the dampers. When you will tightly close the damper then there will be no space left for oxygen to outside. It will stable the temperature to level.

Convenient to clean:

There is a great and best cleaning system in it which is one touch cleaning system. The ash and debris of the charcoal causes too much environmental pollution. The removable ash catcher cleans all the excess debris in no time.

Long lasting wheels:

The wheels of this great and best charcoal smoker are durable and long lasting. You can make the movement of your smoker very easy by using these wheels. If you are using the charcoal smoker in the yard with your friends and family, then you can easily move it from one place to another by using movable wheels.

Why we prefer it?

In both direct and indirect grilling, it easily holds up high temperature.

It controls heat with high precision and accuracy.

This set of best charcoal smoker is easy to clean.

It is very easy to assemble.

  • Fuel can be added very easily while grilling.
  • Its handles are resistant to heat.
  • The construction is durable and compatible.
  • All parts are airtight and well sealed.
  • It is one of light weighted and portable smoker.
  • Its size is limited.
  • There are no written instructions on it.


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This best charcoal smoker always enchants buyers through its great and unique features. The assemble instructions are visual only, no words.   The new side handle design is very welcome improvement. On one each side now; the top handle is massively improved over the old wood piece. The ash catcher and interior blades to open and close the grill bottom are brilliantly designed and effortless to install.

The blades inside are very well fitted. It works great and is everything you expect from the Weber brand. It functions are so good and nice. You would have to worry about its features. The working capability and storing food capacity is also large and good.

3: Char-Griller E16620 acorn Komodo Charcoal Grill:

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The typical charcoal smoker of this brand was cheap and sub standard in features. But now this product has been made according to new ways of technology. It means it is best and great in features and functioning. It is superior in features and expensive than old typical charcoal smokers of this brand.

The exterior part of this charcoal smoker is made up of powder coated steel. On the other hand, the interior side is made up of porcelain coated steel. It combines together two wide and large surfaces to give you 447 square inches spacious place for cooking. The primary cooking space is of 314 square inches and the warning track is 133 square inches in area.

The design of this great and best charcoal smoker is insulated which simply means the use of charcoal will be less and also the airflow to outside will be less. Heat will be used more and in this way you will get juicy flavor of your food. The many great and best features include in it are ash pan, lid, folding metal shelves and heat gauge.

Feature analysis:

Folding shelves:

The shelves have been made to provide you ease in cooking. You can place your kitchen item while cooking. The shelves are foldable and you can fold them when they are boot in use. They provide you a huge benefit during cooking food.

Warming rack:

The warming rack in it is quite large in area which is of 133 square inches. This wide area provides you the maximum space for cooking food. Moreover, this warming is removable which can be removed when not in use.

A versatile smoker:

It is one of the versatile and unique charcoal smokers with all the latest advantages. It has a top damper which is adjustable and helps you in maintaining the airflow and also controls heat. The ash pan in it helps you in quick clean up. For easy moving of smoker from one place to another, it has large locking wheels.

Why we prefer it:

It has folding shelves.

Its adjustable top damper helps you in heat control.

The grill space is large and wide for easy cooking.

This is made up of very best quality of steel.

  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • This works great and effectively.
  • The cooking grates are of very best quality.
  • It is well insulated charcoal smoker.
  • The gaskets are cheap.
  • High temperature can affect the gaskets.
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This charcoal smoker is very best in feature so the people prefer it most. This grill is made with the solid stand which helps it to remain at its place. It is excellent product for the money. The assembly is straightforward and easy. And it’s a very sturdy unit. Its few design features are very superior. The entire bottom ash pan detaches for easy cleaning process.

The center of the grill surface pulls out, which makes adding/adjusting charcoal much easier than other smokers. This grill is extremely well insulated. You can easily adjust the temperature in it. For roasting, the komodo is quite practical using briquette or charcoal. With deflector stone, you can use it for baking and smoking. It is Very practical and the tray that collects the ash   is removable to through it away without problem.

4: Dyna Glow 36 Vertical Charcoal Smoker:

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If you are looking for an affordable charcoal smoker that you can use easily and simply then this is the one of the great and best charcoal smoker. The shape and design of this charcoal smoker is common and resembles with the propane smoker as well. But it does not make huge difference at all. It looks like a cabinet. The very great and top advantage of this charcoal is that it is very easy to access food in it.

Unlike a gas smoker where you have to remove all the 4 racks to access food, it is very easy to cook food in it without removing racks in it. The assembly is very easy and straightforward. For your ease and convenience, the main box in it is already assembled. The racks are hard and made up of very vest quality of steel. The charcoal and ash management system in it has many parts which includes ash pan, charcoal grate and charcoal chamber.

Feature analysis:

Cooking grates:

There are 4 wide and large cooking grates in it. If you want a very easy access to your food inside the charcoal smoker then this is only possible hewn you have grates which are maximum in number and have wide area.

Cooking space:

The total cooking area in it is 784 square inches. It is of the vertical shape which means you can put food above and below in it. Its large cooking area is enough to serve a large family.  Moreover, its assembly is very easy.

Unique features:

This super bad best charcoal smoker is well known because of its great features and unique design. The ash management system in it’s including many parts through which you can easily remove the ash and clean the surface around you. For indicating the idea temperature in it, it has a stainless temperature gauge. You can sol protect your smoker through a cover.

Why we prefer it?

It has wide and large cooking area.

It has 4 grates in it.

The vertical shape makes it a quite different charcoal smoker.

It has temperature gauge.

  • It has vertical style door.
  • The temperature gauge in it is stainless.
  • It has too many options to control temperature.
  • Its weight is low.
  • Its wooden box is cheap.
  • Sometime it leaks through cut surfaces.
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This cabinet style smoker is very versatile in it features and design. it is durable product and compatible charcoal smoker. Now by using this charcoals maker, you would not have to rely on the built in thermometer because it controls temperature easily and quickly. It is lightweight so you can move it from storage to cooking location. The smoker box in it is much larger than other models, which is kind of the whole point.

You can get large and small pieces in there for a longer smoke. The water dish (temp regulator) is accessible and easy to maintain during the smoking process. Rack levels are easily moved to accommodate a variety of items. You will never face a problem fitting a bunch a food in there. It is very roomy inside. You can do 5 racks of ribs, 5 large chicken breasts and bacon all in one smoke. The stainless temperature gauge is accurate and easy to read.

5: Oklahoma Joe’s highland reverse flow smoker:

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This smoker is really different in working and design among all. Many people claim that these smokers sue wood as a fuel but charcoal can so be used to cook food. The results of cooking with this smoker are incredible and super. You can save money in buying other charcoal smoker because it gives you all the basic advantages of cooking food.

The total cooking space is 900 square inches which is enough to serve a family. The cooking space in the main chamber is 619 square inches. On the other hand, the fire box chamber in it is 281 square inches in area which can be easily used for searing. For a customized set up, it has optional smokestack locations and removable baffles in it. The cooking grates are porcelain coated and all the construction is of have steel. For smoke and heat control, this smoker also has multiple dampers.

Feature analysis:

Pre initiated baffle plates:

Under the porcelain coated wire grates, there are four locked baffles there. The purpose of these baffles is to deliver the smoke and heat through the area of cooking chamber. The battles are pre installed so you would not have to waste your time in the installation of the baffles.

Longer charcoal basket:

It has a large charcoal basket inside it which helps you in providing the more quick and efficient burning. Moreover, the cleanup process is also easy with the help of this large and wide charcoal basket.

Cool touch handles:

The handles in are cool to touch. Therefore, your hand will not get burnt while touching it. They are specifically made to protect your hands from excess heat which produces during cooking. For adding mobility in the smoker, it has large wheels.

Why we prefer it?

The total cooking space in it is 900 square inches.

It has a small firebox door.

It has front and bottom shelves.

The baffles plates in it are pre installed.

  • The heavy-duty construction makes it a unique smoker.
  • Its large wheels allow its reverse flow design.
  • The handles are cool to touch.
  • Its lid has a temperature gauge over the top.
  • It needs some modifications to make it airtight.
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This smoker is the great smoker with the correct modifications. Once you install door seals, seal the firebox, add door latches, and get better thermometer. It holds its heat perfectly. The fire box holds everything well. The baffles work excellent. The heat runs along under the baffles and up the left side so you can keep the food from over the opening on the left and still has plenty of room.

You can also use firebox as a grill for some sausages and it works very great. The assembly is a breeze and it looks great. The baffles are thick coated metal similar to an oven broiler. Its performance is so good and effective.

6: Cuisine COS 118 vertical charcoal smokers:

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On the basis of its price, this is one of the great and best charcoal smokers. Descent results can be produced by using this great and best charcoal smoker. The total cooking space in this smoker is 510 square inches which is wide and maximum for a big family. Its 510 square inches cooking area is due to the combination of the two stainless steel racks, which are 18 inches in area.

The water bowl in it is porcelain enameled. For the proper and accurate vent system, it has top and bottom vents. This is one of the idea products for all foods. Two steel wire racks are also included in it. It has enough room for smoking different kinds of food like, fish, vegetables, meat or even a whole piece of chicken can be fitted inside it.

Feature analysis:

Two air vents:

The heat and smoke can be easily controlled when you have air vents in your smoker. It has two vents in it. They can be opened and closed when needed and also to control the heat and smoke which evolves during the cooking process. The lid can be lifted up when the food is completely cooked.

Perfect for all foods:

With the culinary vertical charcoal smoker, you can smoke all of your favorite food like fish, meat and vegetables etc without any problem. The process of its set up is very easy and it includes the entire basic item except charcoal. Then steel bowl in it which is porcelain enameled holds water very well.

Steel Racks:

Two steel wire racks are also included in the cuisine vertical charcoal smoker. It can be your idea charcoal smoker that cooks all kind of your favorite food without any hassle.

Why we prefer it?

It is very easy to clean and main taint.

You can have control over smoke and heat.

Every part is made up of very best quality of steel.

  • It is very easy and simple to use.
  • The steel bowl is porcelain enameled and holds water well.
  • It includes handy recyclable pans.
  • It has two air vents.
  • You need to add charcoal after every 4-5 hours.
  • The grates have no handles.
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A great and best charcoal smoker in affordable price is none other than the cuisine vertical charcoal smoker. This charcoal smoker holds temperature at 225 almost perfectly. It’s way more portable than the other charcoal smokers. The cover of this great and best charcoal smoker is of good quality. The purpose of this is to cover the charcoal smoker when not in use.

It is well made and holds off the rain. Cooking with this charcoal smoker has always been easy and simple. The process is very simple. Just light it and by adding some wood chunks, it works effectively. After this, fill the bowl with water and put some fresh food on it for smoking. You will see amazing and incredible result after some time. The amount of smoke and the temperature can be controlled very easily through the small adjustments to the air vent.

7: Master Built Charcoal Bullet Smoker:

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If you are a beginner and use smoker now and then, then it could be a better and worth pondering smoker for you. In the affordable budget and all easy modifications, this is great and best charcoal smoker. 395.5 square inches cooking area is good and enough for you. If you use smoker once in a month and only for you then it is of the proper size for you.

It has two smoking racks which are porcelain coated. Adding charcoal in it is very easy and simple because of the front door. Accurate temperature reading can be achieved through the built in thermometer. It also contains a water bowl and charcoal pan and both are porcelain coated. It is one of the unique charcoal smokers with latest design and components.

Feature analysis:

Unique smoker:

To enhance your smoking and giving good and delicious taste to your food, it is designed in such a way to work very effectively and properly. Your remarks will be great after using this great charcoal smoker.

Multiple functions:

This charcoal smoker has the capacity to perform the multiple functions at a time. It simply means that you can boil, steam and fey your food. It is very easy to assemble and install. And it requires very less effort to start.

Best features:

The very great and best features include its water bowl and charcoal which are porcelain coated. It also has smoking racks which are also porcelain coated. The front door also serves very great in accessing food easily.

Why we prefer it?

It has very great and best features.

It has a front door.

The cooking space is large and wide.

  • It performs multiple functions.
  • It imparts a very great flavor.
  • The charcoal pan is small.
  • The water pan is shallow.
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This charcoal smoker is famous because of its great functions, best design and good quality. Its size is small and suitable that you can easily store anywhere you want. This could be a best and great smoker if you modify it a little.

It works great as a grill also. It performance and speed can be increased by a couple of modifications. By doing so its works like a charm and effectively. Master built charcoal smoker so one of the perfect size for those who want to smoke meat without a huge smoker. Its construction is heavy and it is made up of very best quality.

8: Charbroil Bullet Charcoal Smoker:

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This is one of the best charcoal smokers with innovative features and design. The 2 cooking grates in it are porcelain coated. The total cooking surface area is 370 square inches which is enough large to serve a family. Temperature regulation in it is controlled by the airflow control system.

For durability and compatibility, all the body is porcelain coated. For quick and easy cleanup, it has removable ash tray. The lid over the smoker has temperature gauge for leveling the temperature to constant. The tube shape steel tubes hips in support of the smoker.  Through the door you can easily access to the smoke chamber.

Feature analysis:

Airflow Control:

This charcoal smoker has strong airflow control system through which temperature can be easily maintained. The internal cooking temperature can be easily controlled by the air flow control system.

Long-lasting construction:

A product remains in function for many years if the construct is durable and if it is made up of very best material. The body of this great and best charcoal smoker is also made up of porcelain which do not catches rust for many years.

Detachable ash pan:

The ash pan in it is removable which helps in easy and quick cleanup of the smoker. After the hoarse of cooking when there is too much ash, then you can lift up the ash pan and then throw it away.

Why we prefer it?

It has durable construction.

The ash pan is removable.

Easy air flow control system.

  • It has a temperature gauge on the lid.
  • It imparts smoky flavor of the food.
  • The cooking area is large and wide.
  • It is very easy to control.
  • It has some condensation issues.
  • The door handle is a thin soft handle.
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Incredibly, this great and best charcoal smoker works very great and effectively. If you are using the minion method with the 5lb s of the coal, then it produces very consistent heat at about 240 f for 7 hours. The thermometer on the lid is very accurate and temperature can be easily read.

Prices of this charcoal smoker are very great and you can easily afford it. There is a single bottom vent which is very simple to adjust. The ash tray is easily removable and easy to get to and dump. You will really like its design. The access door is very nice and great and you can easily add the charcoal in the tray. The water bowl which is porcelain coated is very great. Fire is easy to regulate and the door is ample to accommodate. The assembly is very easy and you will not face any problem in its assembly.

Best Charcoal Smoker Buying Guide:

Best Charcoal Smoker Buying Guide

Considering various factor while buying a great and best charcoal smoker is very important and necessary. It is because key factors plays very important role in the functioning of the product. Here are some of the factors which help you in our chasing great and best charcoal smoker.


Considering its price is most important because some people cannot afford expensive products. Therefore, you must look for the product which is of low price but best in features and working. If you are a beginner or just trying to use a smoker first time, then you should buy a smoker with fewer prices. By neglecting its extra features you can buy the best charcoal smoker in your budget.

But the running cost of the smoker should not be neglected. For example, the most expensive fuel you can burn is the charcoal. So while evaluating your budget, estimate the will be the cost of the smoker to run for longer period of time.

Cooking capacity:

It is not worthy to look for its cooking capacity that how many people it can serve at a time. It is not always necessary to buy a bigger smoker. If you cook once in a blue moon or once a week, then keep in mind the small size of charcoal smoker.

But if the family is large and you have to cook two chicken breasts, then big size of smoker will be best where you can cook plenty of food. Smoker is available in all sizes, but you should one which is right and accurate for you.

Buying a versatile smoker:

You will be amazed at the working process of the smoker when you will get to know that some smokers work as grills as well. You have to pay little more if you desire to buy a smoker which works as grill as well. The cost of more adaptable product is always higher. But after a buying a smoker which works as a griller as well, then you would not have to buy a separate griller.

Moveable smoker:

Taking into account the portability and size is also necessary. You must need to now weather the smoker can move from one place to another easily or not. It is rightly said that charcoal smokers are much more better than the gas smokers because you would have to take gas bottle align with you while going on camping with your friends and family.

If you are fond of camping then you should buy a smoker which can be moved from one place to another and small in size.


Buying a branded product from a well-known company will increase the life span of your product. It is because they ensure the warranty of the product for several years. It is still not worthy to consider the reputation of the brand.

If you are going to buying a smoker of tie brand that you have never heard before, then it will better if you do some research about. Do research that in which country the product is made, their teamwork’s, other unique products. It will surely help you in choosing a right and accurate product for you.


Checking warranty of the product is the key point to consider. The time of the warranty which a manufacturer often claims is the best and great indicator of the quality and material of the product. Always check the feedback of the customers about that product. Customers always give positive and negative feedback about the specific product. Checking both pros and cons will help you in selecting right and accurate product.



What is the average life of a charcoal in a smoker?

It always depends upon the amount of charcoal you put into the firebox. A 15 pound bag full of charcoal can be used easily for hours. The woods chunks like briquettes can also be added into the firebox for giving very delicious flavor to your meat.


Can we add charcoal while smoking?

Yes, it’s ok to add the charcoal while smoking. Stub directly adding them over the burning coal will decrease the temperature. It’s not really a problem for extending the snake.


How can we arrange the charcoal in the smoker?

By creating a two-zone fire, you can easily and quickly arrange the charcoal in the firebox. In this process, you just have to put the coal on one side of a charcoal grill and leave the other soda empty. There will be direct heat on one side and indirect heat on the other side.

Types of charcoal smokers:

Types of charcoal smokers

There are different types of charcoal smokers. There is just a minor difference between the working of charcoal smoker. Let us describe you that how the different types of charcoal smoker work with different phenomenon’s.

Water smoker:

Water or bullet smokers are the most popular style of charcoal smokers. Weber smoky mountain is one of the best examples of the water/bullet smoker. In this design of water smoker, grill racks are above the water pan for holding your food. And then in return, it helps in holding the other woods and charcoal.

These kinds of charcoal smokers are best in smoking food and giving mouth watering taste to food. But grill is sometimes impossible with these water smokers. Although there are many   benefit of the water smokers.

Because of its bullet shape, it will be more accurate to call it a bullet. In every case, water is not left behind because when you are cooking at extremely high temperature i.e. 325-375̊ f, the water pan will be empty in no time.

People do many experiments with water smokers. They try to fill the pan with sand, rocks, beer, bricks instead of water. But the eatable things are just for eating and not for using as a fuel. So tee use of beer, juices etc will be totally the wastage of money, therefore, it’s better to use water instead instead of these stuff.

Komodo smokers:

This toe of smokers is usually the combination of smoker and grill. Unlike the bullet smokers which yes heavy gauge steel in their construction, the komodo smokers use ceramics in their construction. You can say that these smokers are just like fantastic outdoor oven. Because they can even cook pizza as they can do the function of smoking and grilling.

As you know that ceramics are insulators, therefore they emit heat and they can hold equal temperature for longer period of time. If the insulation of this smoker will be more, then there will be less consumption of charcoal. Moreover, you can also use them in extreme weather conditions. If you want a versatile smoker for your home, then this will be a great and best choice as the komodo smokers are best charcoal smokers.

Offset barrel smoker:

Many pit master claim that wood is better to use in these types of smokers. They think that it’s not really a charcoal smoker. Many experts have experienced Thais and they say that it’s good to use this smoker and use charcoal as a fuel.

The design of this charcoal smoker is general. There ibis a cooking chamber in it with a lid and the chamber is horizontal in shape. Then on the end, it is connected to the fire box or smaller chamber. The name “offset” is just because of the unique design and shape.

Incredibly, offset smokers also has many advantages. The accessibility of the fire will be more by using this offset smoker. To the cooking area, the firebox is connected. And for venting smoke, there is also a chimney in it. From the firebox, smoke is pulled towards the cooking chamber, which gives flavor to your food before leaving through the chimney.

Cabinet smokers:

The smokers with the cabinet shape are much more unique and compatible because of totally different style. Like grillers, they have racks in it which are used for putting food inside them. Most of the cabinet smokers use electricity or gas as a fuel. But there is some where charcoal is used for burning. Having access to both food and charcoal through the cabinet smoker is one of its pleasurable advantages.

Difference Between Grill and Smoker:

Difference Between Grill and Smoker

There is a huge difference between the cooking process of a smoker and a griller. Smoking simply means cooking your food at very low temperature with indirect heat. But the food in smoking takes many hoarse to cook because you are cooking food at very low temperature.

Smoking food is popular because of several reasons.

  • The collagen in the food breaks down when you smoke your food for longer period of time. And then the food becomes very soft and fragile.
  • The flavor of the food cooked by the smoke is very delicious and mouth watering.

Though the smoker takes a long time in cooking food but you would not have to watch it after every few moments. Just leave the food for smoking and check it now and then.

The design of resolute and steadfast smokers is such like that they can withstand for longer period of time with constant temperature.

Grilling is totally another case but grilling with the smoker is also a piece of cake. You can easily grill food with the great and best charcoal smoker.

Best charcoal smokers can be reached at higher temperature where the food can be grilled very easily and effectively. For grilling the food, the higher temperature is required where a smoker can be easily reached.

Grilling is all about high temperature and less time period. While smoking is all about low temperature and land time period. Both are opposite terms with different functions and results. The result of grilling is just incredible. The meat which is grilled is very juicy from inside and from outside it is crispy and dark.

Proper and accurate smoking nag grilling the food is also an art. Make sure that the food which you have cooked is crispy and tasty and it is not burnt.

If we talk about the heat source, then in the grillers, under the food heat source is present. While in the smokers charcoal bed would be a heat source.

Vents are most important in every product. Because vent control smoke and air movement.     Temperature can only be controlled by the helps of vents.

Advantages of charcoal smoker:

Here we have explained 3 basic benefits of charcoal smoker. By having a glance over them you will get to know that why charcoal cooking is best and great.


When you cook your food on the charcoal and very low temperature and leaves your food for cooking for longer period of time. Then the food absorbs all the basic aroma of the charcoal which in return gives you delicious flavor of the food.

Easy to Carry:

Most of the charcoal smokers come with wells which are made up of very high quality of steel. These wheels help you in moving the smoker from one place to another place very easily. Some of the smokers are also foldable so you can take them on a picnic along with you.

Temperature Range:

Smoking needs very low temperature for cooking meat. Collagen only breaks down on the less temperature. This is the reason that you would not have to worry about the temperature. You would not have to modify the temperature again and again because the smokers also work at the constant temperature.

Top three choices:


Weber smoky mountain cooker 18 inch

In the current time, Weber smoky mountain cooker 18 inches is considered to be the most expensive and the best charcoal smoker with all the latest and unique qualities. Its flavour of the food, power source, lightweight, and handling many other specifications has captured everyone’s attraction. People living in hilly areas where they want the best smoky food can get the best advantage of this. This branded charcoal smoker works effectively at a constant temperature without any hurdle.   Weber Company has always been people’s top priority and choice because it always ensures the best working of products. Take the example of this charcoal smoker who quickly prepares food like meat, fish with a smoky taste in no time. Buy on Amazon


Top pick:

komodo charcoal smoker

If you want to be the owner of a best or branded product which is highly recommended by the market then char griller akorn komodo charcoal smoker comes in this category.  We would like to say that it is a product with all the better qualities and have some fame in the world market because of its efficient working.

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Great value:

Charbroil Bullet Charcoal Smoker

Charbroil bullet charcoal smoker which is of low price but provides you maximum advantages. So that you can make your work easy.  Its long time warranty and best features provides you enough time to get many benefits within its time period. Its cost is too low that anyone who desires to use this best charcoal smoker can purchase it. This is the charcoal smoker with a lot of nice features and great warranty. A huge amount of food can be cooked by using this charcoal smoker in just one use because it starts easily and doesn’t create any issue during its working.

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