The 7 Best Lump Charcoals and buying guide in 2022

Make your meal restaurant-worthy with lump charcoal. Everyone loves to eat a delicious meal. The best mean is the meal which not only gives you a good taste but also has a refreshing aroma and tremendous flavors.  If you are a foodie, you must have a love for barbeque. We all love to do barbeque outside with friends and family. While we are celebrating our special events or enjoying winter, barbeque is necessary. Barbeque not only gives you a chance of getting together but it also gives a unique smoky taste to your food.

Nowadays, there are fairly few kinds of grills available for a barbeque in the market. But the two rudimentary models are charcoal grills and gas grills. According to many food lovers, lump charcoal is the best choice for a barbeque. By burning wood, we can make coal. We can get the best lump charcoals if we burn the wood very slowly. With less oxygen, the wood will change into carbon and you will get the required coal for barbecue.

Mostly, people love to cook food with lump charcoal because it generates less smoke.  Lump charcoals are hotter than wood. There are many types of charcoals like lumps, briquettes, flavored ranges, and many more. But lump charcoal is the best choice for a barbeque. Lump charcoal produces less ash. Usually, when they are burned, they do not produce a lot of smoke or smell. Also, your food will get the correct mixture of quick starting slight pieces and long searing large pieces. The chunks can be burned for 16-18 hours constantly.

Use lump charcoal to burn up your preferred grill and prepare some tasty burgers, hot dogs, kabobs, ribs, and pieces of brisket, and many more. Whether you are arranging the following huge summer barbecue or you are thinking of certain after work burgers. Made it incredibly delighted with the help of lump charcoals and enjoy an exceptionally great grilling experience. It induces admirable tastes in every kind of food. Lump charcoal is made up of renewable resources that don’t add to deforestation.

List of top 7 Best Lump Charcoal with reviews

1. Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal


Whip up tremendous smoked and grilled meals with the help of Jealous Devil natural lump charcoal. If you want to make your food quickly then Jealous Devil is the best lump charcoal. Because it burns hotter, therefore, you can cook your food faster. It is 100 % natural hardwood lump charcoal. When you are grilling mouth-watering veggies, ribs, or steak, Jealous Devil will provide you earthy flavors. The incredibly thick hardwood of South Africa is the source of the Jealous devil lump charcoal.


Easy to light

Jealous devil natural hardwood lump charcoal is very easy to light. Take 2 sheets of newspaper. Fold the newspapers and put them under the charcoal lumps. Now light the newspaper from at least two sides. The charcoal will start to produce heat after 5 to 10 minutes as the newspaper burns. It depends on the lighting conditions. During the lighting, there are absolutely no flare-ups, popping, or sparking.

Made of South African hardwood

Jealous Devil natural hardwood lump charcoal originated from South African hardwood. Furthermore, it can produce up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit heat. Because of this, you can quickly and easily cook crusty seared meat with a salacious medium-rare inside. It is 100% natural lump charcoal that will add delicious flavor to your food without any scrap materials, fillers, or chemicals.

Minimal waste

Jealous devil lump charcoal creates less ash so there is a minimal waste on your cooking place. It does not create heavy smoke. This charcoal is waterproof. You can reseal the packet of remaining fuel easily with zip closure. It has a suitable carry handle. Jealous Devil’s mild smoky tastes and burn performance is favored by professional chefs in the restaurants. The world’s best chefs preferred jealous this fuel for the grill.

Suitable for slow and low cooking

Jealous devil lump charcoal is highly efficient for gentle and low cooking. Due to its low fuel consumption, you can keep the coals for another barbeque party. Use it in a less oxygen environment so that you can use it for very long parties. Even if these charcoals are exposed in the open air, they can burn constantly for up to 4 hours and be capable to give subtle flavor to your food.

  • Gives outstanding temperature control
  • Produce excellent flavor in your food
  • Affordable
  • Work for a long time
  • Waterproof
  • Resist ultraviolet rays
  • Dustproof
  • Resalable
  • Some of the packages may have small chunks
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2. Cowboy 24200 Lump Charcoal


People who love barbeque and have a short budget must try cowboy 24200 lump charcoal. Cowboy lump charcoal provides superb quality at its reasonable price. Further, it is made up of natural elements. Due to its natural ingredients, cowboy charcoal will not create any type of artificial flavour in your food.


No filler and extracts

Cowboy lump charcoal is the proper charcoal for barbeque lovers because it does not contain any fillers or chemicals. It is made up of super quality kiln-dried hickory, oak, and maple from southern hardwoods. Due to this, it will add the best barbecue flavor to your food. It is great charcoal for people who have just started an experiment with it.

Can burn hot and fast

Furthermore, cowboy lump charcoal burns very hotly and fast. As it is made up of extremely thick hardwood, so it will hold the temperature of heat for long recipes. Further, it does not only burn fast and gives intense heat when needed, but it is also good for gentle cooking as well. It is a sustainable charcoal for every time use.

No need for lighter fluid

Additionally, cowboy lump charcoal does not require any lighter fluid, because it lights very easily. It is a superb choice for all those people who do not want premium and expensive charcoal. The cleaning process is very easy because it does not produce extra ash. For everyday grilling, whether you are making burgers or roast ribs, it will give your dish a savory taste according to the food that is cooked in restaurants.

Environment friendly

Another reason to choose cowboy lump charcoal is that it is not only user-friendly but also environment-friendly charcoal. As it is made up of renewable resources so it is gentle to the environment. It is great to use for all types of outside cooking appliances. Especially, it is the best coal for kettles, smokers, and ceramic grills.

  • Economical
  • Sustainable
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Super temperature control
  • Give smoky flavor without any off-notes
  • Small chunks
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3.     Fogo All Natural Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal


If you are searching for natural coal which has restaurant quality then Fogo all-natural premium hardwood is the best choice. It is the best lump because it is the most suitable and compatible for your big green Egg. Consider this Fogo lump charcoal as your best companion in barbecue because it will not disappoint you in your barbecue flavors.


All-natural hardwood

Fogo premium hardwood lump charcoal is made up of all-natural ingredients. White oak is the major wood that is used in the preparation of this coal. It is truly made for barbecue. Additionally, it is best for ceramic grills like Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe. As it is made up of all-natural ingredients so it will not add any unwanted aroma to your food.

Suitable for smoking and grilling

Fogo premium hardwood lump charcoal is equally suitable for smoking and grilling. It is similarly useful for indoor and outdoor grilling. It will bring restaurants quality taste in your food.  As it burns very hot, so leave a slightly smoky flavor in your food. It not only gives intensive heat but also provides slow and nice heat so that you can make an evenly cooked meal.

Fast lighting

In a few languages, Fogo means fire. So its name depicts its superb quality. Moreover, it is very easy to light and it does not require a long time to be lighted. Due to its fast lighting, it creates enough heat for your food. After lighting this charcoal needs only 15 minutes to grill your food. It does not contain any filler or chemicals. So whenever you use it, you will not get any annoying smell in your food.

Restaurant quality

Fogo premium hardwood lump charcoal is renowned for giving large chunks of the best charcoal in its packages which not only gives a tremendously tasty smoky flavor to your food but also provides you restaurant-quality food. It is a highly recommended charcoal by the restaurants.

  • Excellent longevity
  • Great temperature control
  • Outstanding quality with mellow flavors
  • Large lumps
  • Low ash
  • Some of the charcoal lumps are very large so they are difficult to manage.
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4.     Kamado Joe Hardwood Lump Charcoal


If you need charcoal for your ceramic grill, then Kamado Joe lump charcoal is best. Kamodo Joe is 100 % natural charcoal. It is prepared from trees. So it does not create extra ash and burns clean. It provides your food a healthy wood fire flavor. It burns so hot and has larger chunks, so it is the recommended it for barbecue lovers.


100 % Natural

Kamado Joe hardwood lump charcoal is unique charcoal because of its making. It is made from white quebracho, guayacan, mistal, and guayaba woods from Argentina. These are recognized as “ax breakers” due to their hardness. These woods are heated in open-air ovens to produce charcoal which results in flavorful smoke and clean burning.


Kamado Joe hardwood lump charcoal can be reused 3 times. Because of this amazing quality, it is the best not only for budget but also for your tasty food. Certain other products are prepared from processed wood or scrap furniture. Due to this, these products create a smaller amount of barbeque flavor. As it burns searing for moister foods! So the charcoal burns for a long time and can produce the required high temperatures.

Burn clean

Due to the hardwood that is used to prepare Kamado Joe lump charcoal, this charcoal burns clean. That will permit you to heat slow and low for a long time span. Other products of charcoals propose not sufficiently larger pieces. It creates little ash which confirms outstanding airflow. Therefore, it keeps your fuel light for an extended cooking time at great heat. The lumps are large enough in size, so they ensure evenly cooked meat.

Maximum burning

On each use of Kamado Joe lump charcoal, you will find how reasonable and affordable it is. As Kamado Joe has made a 100% Natural Lump so it costs less on every use because the hardwood charcoal gives intensive heat and the large pieces burn very slower hence work for a long time. If you shut the exhausts in your grills when you have completed your cooking, you will be able to use again partially burned pieces of charcoal.

Large chunks

According to the people who have used this fuel, it contains pieces of different sizes. With large pieces in the package as well as small and medium pieces. While some of the users choose the usage of entirely large pieces because of their long cooking periods. The small pieces lit quicker and are very good for fast cooking such as burgers and steaks. Since, there is no requirement to extinguish big pieces to keep them for future cooking.

  • Can induce tasty and smoky aromatic food
  • Outstanding presentation
  • Excellent worth for money
  • Burn for an extensive time period
  • Burns clean and low ash
  • Large chunks
  • Some large chunks are broken down in the packaging.
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5.     Royal Oak natural Lump Charcoal


Do not settle for usual charcoal in this nice grilling season. Instead, choose for finest fuel like Royal Oak lump charcoal. Most importantly, it is durably obtained in the United States. It is made up of the best hickory hardwoods and American Oak with no extra ingredients. It is uniquely created for low and high-temperature cooking.


Appropriate for every grill and smokers

Royal Oak is the very appropriate lump charcoal, especially when compared to other traditional charcoals. Additionally, Royal Oak hardwood lump charcoal is not only perfect for the ceramic, non-ceramic grill but also for traditional smokers. Royal Oak charcoal creates a brilliant option for both grills and smokers including both kamado and ceramic grill.

Chemicals and additives free

Royal Oak hardwood lump charcoal is made up of natural ingredients. It is a combination of oak, walnut, maple, and hickory. It is completely chemicals free. Especially, if someone likes smoky, salty, and appetizing grilled food he will discover this product difficult to pass. The Royal Oak lump charcoal itself remains environmentally friendly because of its unique combination which is occupied by ecological forestry projects. 

Ready within 15 minutes

Royal Oak hardwood lump charcoal has developed a perfect example of excellence. Its clean burn charcoal lights comparatively quickly, though it does not comprise of any essences. It arises up to cooking temperature rapidly. Further, this charcoal has the capacity to burn hot and set for grilling within 15 minutes. Especially its edge shape permits an improved airflow and topmost performance.

Provides consistent temperature

Moreover, the Royal Oak lump charcoals can burn at even and hot temperatures which will confirm a reliable outcome every time when you grill. Also, its lumps give a very easy temperature mechanism which will assure your liking in your food exactly. Royal Oak lump charcoal has very little ash after its usage. Also, it delivers stable to heat. The large lumps of charcoal can be reused several times.

  • Easy and quick to light
  • Burns hot
  • Stable lump size
  • Great burning temperature
  • Excellent quality control
  • Delivers easy heat control
  • Does not create an artificial taste
  • Induce smoky flavors to food
  • Affordable
  • May have some fillers
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6.     Rockwood Hardwood Lump charcoal


If you need excellent burn time, outstanding flavor, and enhanced smoke then Rockwood all-natural hardwood lump charcoal is a complete package for you. You are ready to burn the grill and demonstrate your cooking skills. Rockwood is natural charcoal and has added up the ingredients like hickory, Missouri oak, pecan, and maple wood. It burns very long, clean, and additionally is consistent with any other charcoal.


Easy to light

All types of wood are used in the manufacturing of Rockwood natural hardwood lumps of charcoal. That originates from Missouri. Further extract exclusively from the sources that is renewable. The hickory, oak, pecan, and maple are used to manufacture the charcoal. It is only made from the hard wood leftover of timber milling. No trees are cut down to make this lump charcoal. So you will acquire charcoal that lit easily.


Additionally, the Rockwood lump charcoal bags and it is soy-based ink that is used for transferring the lumps of charcoal are eco-friendly. It is safe to landfill. So it will not create harmful gases if burned. It is free from fillers, chemicals, binders, and any other impurities.

Pleasant flavor

So, if someone is searching for environmentally friendly and sustainable charcoal which is statically made from rich and first-class wood then their preference should be Rockwood lump charcoal. It evokes an excellent aroma and a rich taste of woods that give the desired taste and smoky flavor which adds a pleasant taste to your food.

The unique shape and burns long

Enjoy barbeque like a real barbecue. And master with the assistance of Rockwood all-natural hardwood Charcoal. Its unique shape gives unmatched performance. Rockwood lump charcoals have a unique appearance as it is 100 percent pure. Its hardwood will never be crushed as synthetic briquettes. It heats up quickly.

  • Faster cleanup
  • Less ash
  • Affordable
  • Pure
  • Durable
  • Inconsistent quality
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7.     Harder 100 % Natural Restaurant Style Lump Charcoal


Do you need the facility to barbeque and smoke your food according to restaurant quality in your backyard? Then consider harder charcoal for your grill or smoker. Barbecue requires real lump charcoal. That is precisely what you are getting in hardwood lump charcoal. It is a blend of natural wood. It is the perfect fuel for ceramic grills as well as Kamado grills.


Uniquely designed

Harder lump charcoal is a blend of famous South American quebracho wood which is also known as “ax breaker” woods. The uniquely designed mixture of hardwood is outstanding for all barbeque and smoking. Plus this mixture is collected without cutting a tree. Harder lump charcoal is perfect coal for all types of ceramic grills brands such as Big Green Egg, Primo, Kamado Joe, and many more.


Even the customers, who found it very difficult to satisfy, will love this charcoal of Harder Charcoal. It gives restaurant class quality. Further, it creates an ideal solution for barbecue as well as for grilling your food. While you are consuming the harder lump charcoal, you will have a long-lasting temperature of heat.

Creates minimal sparking

Harder lump charcoal creates less sparking, so it is safe for lighting and barbecuing. It also produces minimal smoke. People who have used this lump charcoal admired it because of its sensitivity to airflow which helps to control heat and assists you to slow cook with long-lasting fire.

Comfortably control temperature

Furthermore, it derives incorrectly large chunks. Therefore, it enables you to control the temperature easily. Additionally, it also adds up smoky touch to your food. This Charcoal has larger lumps so that it will burn long and consistently.

Environment friendly 

Its large chunks are actually environmentally friendly. It is specifically great for appliances that generate high heat. It will not create too much smoke and irritating sparks. The harder lump charcoal is very dense. So, as a result, it burns very hot and for a long time. Quebracho is popular for its rigidity. Its temperature exceeds 1,000 degrees and generates little ash.

  • Offers larger chunks of charcoals
  • Does not generate much smoke
  • Reactive to the variation in airflow
  • Does not produce too many sparks
  • Outstanding temperature control
  • Can make tremendous tastes in food
  • Quick lighting
  • Some of the chunks are smaller than expected
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Q1. How lump charcoal is best for a barbeque?

Ans. These charcoals are reactive to oxygen accordingly. Hence one can effortlessly control the amount of heat. If you have a grill that contains air vents according to your ease level then lump charcoal is the best choice for you. Lump charcoal is perfect for a barbecue because of its high temperature and outstanding smell. It allows you to work for a long time period. Also, it is easy to light. Some of them do not contain additives or fillers so one can barbecue in the cleanest way.

Q2. When lump charcoal is ready to use?

Ans. These charcoals are sensitive to venting and airflow. Due to the chemical features of this charcoal, it reacts with oxygen very well. Naturally, it can be ready to cook within 10 to 15 minutes. It will remain hot for an hour. Meanwhile, it burns quickly as compare to briquettes. Additionally, you can add it to the fire at any step to extend the fire.

Q3. Can lump charcoal be reused?

Ans. This sort of fuel is probably the expensive kind of charcoal. So, it is absolutely understandable that mostly, people want to use lump charcoal again to save money. Briefly, we can say that we can reuse it. Notably, keep it in a dry place. It will help to reserve the excellence of your charcoal. However, the used coal will not work as efficiently as the new one. For example, the decline in airflow might produce a lower temperature of your old coal. Typically, the brand new lump charcoal produces at least heat till 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While old lump charcoal can reach approximately 250 degrees Fahrenheit only.

Q4. How to store used lump charcoal?

Ans. If you want to store the used lump charcoal for the future then first of all you need to check whether your charcoal is able to be reused? To determine this, you need to follow these steps: firstly, let’s cool down the coal. Then gently try to crush the coal. If the charcoal sustains the pressure and does not change into ash, then it can be used again. Secondly, keep all your used coal in a metal container. Be sure that the container should be completely dry. Thirdly and lastly, keep this container in a dry and shady place.

Buying guide to choose the best lump charcoal in 2021

Buying guide

Which points should be considered before buying the best lump charcoal?

If you love to barbecue at your parties or to welcome the seasons, then you should have the best lump charcoal. Best lump charcoals are those which contain 100 percent natural ingredients. It should be made of hardwood so that it will not only burn for a long time but also produce great heat. It should be free from any type of chemical or fillers and other substances. Chunks of lump charcoal should be the same in size. There should be less dust at the end of the bag when it is empty. This charcoal has larger pieces so that it will burn constantly and creates less amount of ash. One should consider the following points before buying the lump charcoal.

Wood quality

Wood quality

The lump charcoal is produced using wood with lesser sulfur contents. This sort of wood will produce better evaluations of lumps. The wood ought to be hardwood instead of softwood. Some of the softwood species, like pine, are sticky. That indicates that if there is pine remaining in the lump, then its smoke can grant an undesirable flavor to your food and can make you ill health. Lumps that are made up of softwood will in general be lightweight. So it will burn quickly and leave more ash. Lumps of hardwood burn for a long time period and produce less ash. It likewise creates less smoke.

Likewise, scrap from building material additionally makes a lower nature of lump charcoal. They may hold the synthetic substances or additives used to handle the wood already. It will offer your food an unwanted flavor if the lump is not completely carbonized. Search for “100% All Natural”, “Premium All Natural” or “Hardwood Lump Charcoal” on the pack when you purchase.

Sustainable Sources

Deforestation is a serious matter. It is an important issue in areas like South America or Africa. Over yonder, the guidelines are missing in contrast with the US. Most of the US brands utilize reasonable and durable sources to make their charcoal.

If you are purchasing lump charcoal from overseas sources, search for the “Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)” stamp on the pack. FSC is the world’s biggest guarantee of wood items. Also, this is the guarantee that overseas charcoal is produced using secured forests.

Fully carbonized

Fully carbonized

Fully carbonized refers to the wood that totally burns off to carbon. So the wood has changed into charcoal. Completely carbonized lumps emit practically no smoke. Accordingly, you will have superior command over the taste of your food by adding sauces, flavour rubs, and genuine wood to the blend

Appropriately roasted lumps are equally weak. If you do not handle them properly, they will be a break. Actually, maybe, not all of the chunks of coal are completely carbonized. You will discover a few pieces have wood remaining. An excellent brand will have very few of these under-carbonized lumps. However, many barbecue lovers like the balanced flavour of smoke. So, all things considered, full carbonization is as yet an interesting point while deciding the nature of various charcoals.


A pack of lump charcoal normally comprises a combination of hardwoods (typically beech, oak, and debris) rather than single species. However, unique hardwood species give distinctive flavour like woods that have lighter colour e.g. maple give a nice ad sweet lighter flavour which is best for grilling white meat. Woods that have dark colours such as hickory and oak grant a more grounded flavour is perfect for red meat. Remember that it is hard to track down a one-species lump.

Burning temperature

Burning temperature

Every type of hardwood lump charcoal consumes at various temperatures. For instance, apple consumes at 1190 degrees Fahrenheit while, maple consumes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It means that you will need to provide a chimney to your fire diversely. This relies upon the making of your charcoal. So, considering the burning temperature of wood type is very important.

Lump’s size and dust

Lump charcoal packs mostly have large chunks of coal, even wood-formed pieces. The larger chunks of coal will burn for long cooking sessions and give more heat when they are consuming. Additionally, note the amount of dust that is the charcoal residue at the lower part of the pack. These are unusable for barbecuing and can produce exorbitant sparking. Furthermore, it can block your grill’s vents. Thus, you need a minimal amount of dusty residue in a pack of lumps.


Generally, people don’t consider the cost of their favorite flavors. But it does matter because sometimes a very expensive brand of charcoal failed to provide the desired flavor. While some cheaply cost brands of charcoal can provide outstanding flavors. So consider the cost of the required lump charcoal while purchasing it. It not only affects your budget but also affects the taste of your food.

Premium choice under $150

Anyone who wants restaurant quality in the food should choose Rockwood all-natural hardwood lump charcoal. While not the most economical lump charcoal that you can purchase. But it is exceptionally evaluated by clients. 3 packs of 20-pound sacks lessen the cost fundamentally. So it is an incredible product for the individuals who will do a great deal of barbecue. It is highly recommended by chefs for its long-time burn as well as for its restaurant-quality smoky flavor.

This lump charcoal is produced using hardwoods gathered in Missouri and combines with hickory and oak as most of the item, alongside some maple and walnut wood. It flaunts a rich smoky aroma of woods. That gives a required taste to the food. The wood isn’t intentionally cut for charcoal. Besides, it is extra wood that was chopped down for different utilizations. So it is useful only for the environment but also for barbecue. As a result, you can get delicious food by using this lump charcoal. Its large size, its uniformity, and consistency of temperature make your food as tasty as it is made by any professional chef.

Top pick under $100

If you are searching for the best lump charcoal then Jealous Devil all-natural hardwood lump charcoal is the best choice for you. Jealous Devil is outstanding lump charcoal. Jealous Devil is 100 % natural lump charcoal that originates from South African woods. We love this fuel because of its long consumption time. It usually burns at a higher than normal temperature. We appreciate it due to its less ashy feature. It burns so clean and gives a tremendous smoky flavor to your food. Regardless of whether you are cooking meat or seafood, jealous devil lump charcoal will assist you in the best way. Therefore, you are all set to start barbequing your food in minutes.

The charcoal is very simple to light. You will definitely like it because of its high temperature. In the greatest temperature test, Jealous Devil lump charcoal burns at approximately 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit which looks highly contrasted with different brands. It is the 3rd most noteworthy temperature we have recorded. Moreover, jealous devil lump charcoal can burn and cook your food for up to 20 hours. Notably, it does not spark while lighting it. The wood that is used to make lumps of charcoal is not deliberately sliced for charcoals. Instead, these are the leftovers of the wood because the wood was sliced for other purposes. So, it is best not only for grilling but also for our environment. Moreover, it burns very hot and works for a long time.

Great value under $50

Do you have a short budget and you want to do barbeque with your friends and family? Then we recommend you Royal Oak natural lump charcoal. Any individual who likes smoky, appetizing and tasty barbecue food will discover this item difficult to pass. Chiefly, it is a superb decision for smokers and barbecue grills, including kamado grill. It has all-natural ingredients. It is a blend of oak, maple, hickory, and pecan. The combination of this product offers charcoal of dense texture. This blend provides the coals of thick texture.  It can add superb flavors to all kinds of food. Besides, the coal can consume at a hot and low temperature which will guarantee a reliable outcome each time you barbecue.

Moreover, the lumps give simple temperature control, ensuring that your food is going to be cooked precisely as you would prefer. Like a trustworthy charcoal brand, royal oak lump charcoals are made up of renewable resources that do not add to deforestation. Its price is very reasonable and affordable. So every barbecue lover can afford this lump charcoal. You will have a sufficient summer barbecue and winter grilling as well as family dinners and events by using this big bag of natural lump charcoal.


In the final analysis, we would like to say that we have mentioned some best lump charcoal brands that are available in the market. These companies produce the lump charcoal that liberates from synthetic substances and produced using quality wood. People who are professional chefs or anyone who barbecues at home for family and friends can expect an extended burn period, high and steady warmth, and negligible debris.  With a verity of woods from Missouri walnut durability to Argentine ax breaker trees, there is surely a smoky wood flavor that suits your sense of taste.

Lump charcoals are the best approach if you want excellent smoked meat. Choose the charcoal that holds durable construction methods. Which have large chunks and are reliable from start to finish? Lump charcoal can be used with almost every type of grill to barbecue. It lights easily and quickly. You can begin barbecue in around 7 to 10 minutes. Every type of wood will convey its own flavor. So explore a new world of barbecue with the best lump charcoal.

Happy barbecue!