The BBQ Chicken Breast

Do people always ask how to make BBQ chicken breast?  In this article, we are going to describe the cooking method of BBQ chicken breast. Fast food is none other than grilled chicken breast. This is the food which can be prepared in minutes. With tender and juicy chicken in a delicious marinade, it has become the favorite food of most people. It’s perfect and great to make you, enjoy yourself and serve it with salad. This is a very easy way to cook in the grill or oven and it is sweetened with BBQ sauce for the most delicious flavor.

Whether baked in the oven or cooked in the grill, BBQ chicken is one of those delicious dinners that nobody wants to miss. But the point is it must not be overcooked and burnt. Anyone can have a good grip on cooking it and then claim that this is the best cooked chicken in the block.

This recipe can be effortlessly prepared and no extra time is required for fancy rubs and marinades. Having a good quality is necessary but your favorite BBQ sauce is also very important for coating. The coating looks so nice on the chicken.

Chicken breasts with bones or boneless breast:

Which one would you prefer if you are fond of eating chicken? Let us describe the difference between the tastes of both breasts. Although boneless chicken breasts are trouble-free and can be cooked very rapidly they do not give the same taste as bones in chicken breasts. They are usually more expensive and don’t give your chicken the same delicious taste. Apart from being more delicious and flavorful, chicken with bone usually costs less and preserves the steam and wetness of the chicken better than boneless cuts.

The white meat of chicken breast is commonly preferred by chicken eaters. For the chicken that is cooked quickly, I use fundamental boneless chicken breast without skin. Of course, the same method can also be used for cooking BBQ chicken breasts with bone or with skin. The cooking technique even for legs and thighs will remain the same just the time will be different.

Large size meat does not always stay delicious when cooked. Bigger breasts chicken also takes a long time to cook properly and also the chances of cooking unevenly exist. It can also be overcooked when does not cook properly and carefully. If you find the chicken breast of 6 to 9 ounces then it’s the best size to cook. Chicken breasts that are thin at the edges and flat at the center are needed to be trimmed. This is done to prevent them from cracking and burning.

For extra fast BBQ chicken breasts, make two thin cutlets by cutting your breasts in half lengthwise, the food will be cooked in half time.

The main distinction between barbeque and grilling:

What does BBQ chicken mean? Is it barbeque or grilled chicken? The main distinction between barbeque chicken and grilled chicken is in its composition and way of cooking.

To create the effect of the oven. BBQ chicken is cooked with a grill lid so the heat transmits throughout the protein and cooks gradually on all sides. When you are cooking with an open lid and with a direct heat source, this is called grilling.


The heat source is not required while using the BBQ sauce on the chicken until you like burnt and charred barbeque chicken.

Time required cooking the chicken:

We will briefly tell you how much time cook the barbeque chicken. It does not matter whether you are preparing this BBQ chicken in the oven or on the grill, you would like to cook the chicken before finally adding the BBQ sauce. Some sauces just like BBQ sauce contain a large amount of sugar which can easily burn. Finally, adding sauce at the end and a quick look reduces the risk of burns.

The temperature required cooking the chicken:

You have to cook the chicken until the temperature inside reaches 160° f. Before cutting it let it sit for five minutes approximately. The temperature will be increased to 165° f due to the internal heat. And it will keep the chicken tender and juicy.

Method of cooking BBQ chicken breast on the grill:

BBQ chicken breast

The very first step you have to take is to clean your grill grates so that you can reduce the chances of sticking the chicken with grill grates. Let your grill preheat at 400 to 540° f. taker canola and olive oil and sprinkle the chicken with these oils. You can also add black pepper. When the grill grates are hot, position the chicken breast on it. Close the lid tightly and cook it for 4 to 5 minutes.

Sometimes chicken starts sticking to the grill grates. In this situation let it cook for more minutes before turning. Let it cook for 4 to 5 minutes from another side. Moisten the chicken with BBQ sauce and let it cook for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat this method side by side. When the juices run clear and the internal temperature reaches 160° f then your chicken is completely done. Leave the chicken for few minutes so that the temperature rises to 165° f.

Method of cooking BBQ chicken breast in the oven:

Many people search that how to make BBQ chicken breast in the oven? We are going to tell you a very easy method.  Let the oven preheat at 450° f. take oil and sprinkle the chicken with it. For seasoning, you can use black pepper and kosher salt. Let it bake for 15 minutes in the oven. Take BBQ sauce and brush the top side of the chicken with it. Cook for more than 5 to 8 minutes after brushing with the sauce. Cook until the sauce absorbs the bubbles and the internal temperature of the oven reaches 160° f.

Best BBQ chicken breasts

Best BBQ chicken breasts

Best BBQ chicken breast recipes are famous all over the world. If a chef has a piece of great knowledge of BBQ chicken breast recipes, then it’s not difficult for him to prepare them.

The best recipe for BBQ Chicken Breast does not take for complex seafood or marinades, it is all about the easy grill or oven cooking method that is perfect for moist and juicy chicken breasts every time. Chicken is sweetened with BBQ sauce.

Main ingredients:

  • Skinless and boneless chicken breasts (4)
  • Olive oil
  • Canola oil (optional)
  • The powder form of fresh black pepper
  • Your special BBQ sauce (½ cup)

Special directions for cooking:

  • Make your grill ready for cooking at high heat (450° f). Clean the grill grates with the brush. This will reduce the chance of sticking the chicken with grill grates.
  • Take the olive oil for sprinkling the chicken with it. For seasoning, take the black pepper and kosher salt.
  • When the grill is completely hot, keep the chicken breasts on it. Cover it with a lid. Cook for few minutes until the chicken easily detaches from the grates. Cook for more than 4 to 5 minutes after flipping the chicken. Take your favorite BBQ sauce and baste the chicken with it. Repeat this side by side. Cook for 2 minutes from every side. Cook, until the chicken is solid or rigid to touch and completely opaque, registering the internal temperature of 160° f. temperature, will increases to 16°5 f when you leave the chicken for few minutes.
  • Shift your prepared chicken to the plate. Take a short piece of aluminum foil and cover the chicken with it. Leave it for 5 minutes. This delicious dish can be served with more BBQ sauce if you want.

How to bake BBQ chicken breast?

Baked BBQ chicken breast tastes so delicious. Baked BBQ Chicken Breast is an easy and simple recipe for Saturday dinner and it always wins among all. First, the chicken is dipped in the BBQ sauce, and then it is baked for 30 minutes. Every time it turns out juicy, delicious, and with full taste. In addition to BBQ chicken breast, we have added this baked BBQ chicken breast recipe.

An amazingly easy and simple recipe that you can get on busy weekends is none other than baked BBQ chicken breasts.

Main components:

  • Chicken breasts (4)
  • Peeper and sea salt (1/2 tablespoon)
  • BBQ sauce of your own choice (1 cup)

Cooking method:

  • Let your grill preheat at 400° f.
  • Take the baking dish and keep the chicken breasts in it. Take salt and pepper and drizzle the top of the chicken with it. Flow some BBQ sauce on the chicken and for a good coating of chicken shake the dish a little.
  • Let your chicken bake for 5 minutes. Take some BBQ sauce and in the baking dish baste the top with the sauce. Continue the process of baking for more than 15 minutes. Continue this until the internal temperature reaches 165° f.

FAQs about BBQ chicken breast:

QNO1: How long do I grill BBQ chicken breast? 

BBQ chicken breast on the grill does not take so long. You just have to grill it for 9 to 10 minutes. Flip the chicken breast side by side. I grill the chicken for 10 minutes for the best taste.

QNO2: Is BBQ chicken breast bad for health?

Grilled chicken is a healthy and flourishing substitute to red meat but the way of cooking affects it. The risk of increasing cancer-causing substances is greater when you eat charred chicken.

QNO3: Is it fine to keep the chicken straight on the BBQ?

Do not keep the chicken straight on the grill after extracting it out from the refrigerator. Putting cold chicken on the grill can cause the chicken to cook unevenly. It can also become dry from the outside.

QNO4: What is the best temperature for grilling the chicken?

The best temperature for grilling the chicken is about 350° f. it’s very good if you preheat the grill for some time before cooking. You will get tasty, delicious, and tender chicken at this temperature. You can also use a thermometer for monitoring temperature.

QNO5: Why my chicken always turns out dry?

Poultry or any lean meal cut tends to dryness of the chicken during grilling. Thighs and drumsticks have more fat on them so that they can be easily kept moist.

QNO6: How many calories are in BBQ chicken breast?

There is a total of 240 calories in the BBQ chicken breast. There are 50 calories from fat and 1.5 calories from saturated fat. And the total fat is 6 in nutrient value.

Tips to know when your grill is completely ready to cook:

Preparing your grill ready to cook is as important as preparing chicken itself. Make sure that you are following these steps before cooking the chicken.

Dirt free grates:

Making the grates dirt-free and spotless and cleaning them properly do not require too much effort. Food sticks to the grates when the grates are dirty. Take the brush and clean the grill properly while heating the grill. You can also use crushed paper and wet newspaper to clean the grates. Now rub the grates by using tongs. Every year once or twice clean the grill completely. Fires and flare-ups can only occur when there is built-up grease.

Make the grates oily:

When the grill is completely hot and properly cleaned, make it oily with the oiled paper towel. Always hold the towel with tongs to reduce any risk of danger. Oily grates make food much better and tasty. It’s also better to oil the chicken too along with grates.

Preheat the grill:

Allow the grill to heat for 10 minutes if it is a gas grill. Preheat the grill for 30 minutes in case of a charcoal grill. Food only sticks to the grates when the grill is not completely hot. Boneless and skinless chicken being so lean should be ground quickly at maximum heat to retain maximum moisture. If there is more chicken on the bone. The breast is UN pounded then you should grind them on appropriate heat so that the outside does not burn while the inside temperature reaches 165 °F.

Know about opening and closing of the grill:

The grill turns into an oven when you close the grill. Heat reaches all parts of the grill more evenly when the grill is closed. It is excellent if the breast is large and UN pounded and there is a bone in the chicken. When you leave the lid open then the maximum heat will only be at the bottom. It is perfect for thin breasts so that you can get this good chard from the bottom of the piece to the top without overcooking.