Best Grilled Potato Wedges in 2022

Looking for a summer side or new BBQ appetizer? These best grilled potato wedges in 2021 are a perfect appetizer or side dish for whatever else you are grilling. A warm pile of crispy grilled potatoes makes your boring meal more flavorful and substantial. You can even serve them all alone with chili, chopped onion, and cheese topping (sounds so delicious!). They are a healthy substitute for fries and almost complement every summer meal.

We switch to a gas grill for cooking after using a Weber charcoal grill for decades. We still use a charcoal grill, but the gas grill facilitates extra space to cook our side dishes along with our steak, fish, chicken, or burgers (or any other main course). These grilled potato wedges are tender and fluffy inside and offer a crispy crunch on the outside. Apart from their delicious taste, they require less time and effort when making dinner. These grilled potato wedges are no to be missed.

How to grill potato wedges?

How to grill a potato is the main and prominent asking question, traeger grilled potato wedges are precious liked by most taste lovers. Potato on grill gives you tastier & delicious food. The given recipe helps you more about quick grilled russet potatoes.

How to grill potato wedges?

Ingredients of grilled potato wedges:

  • 4 large size washed and crushed potatoes.
  • 2 tsp. Garlic powder.
  • 1 tsp. Kosher salt.
  • 1 tsp. Freshly ground black pepper.
  • Half tsp. virgin olive oil.
  • 2 tsp. Fresh chopped herbs.

Cooking Recipe grilled potato wedges:

  • Step 1: First of all, You to wash or scrub the potato under cool water.
  • Step 2: You may be curious about how to cut potatoes into wedges? Cut potato wedges with some care, all the pieces should cut equally. You can use a chopping board where you can cut the potato into 8 equal pieces of each potato. Do it so carefully and focus on cutting.
  • Step 3: Bring hot and well-salted boiled water and put these raw wedges into the hot water. Leave it for soak for 10-15 minutes. This step of soaking gives you more crispiness and crunch.
  • Step 4: After the soaking time, remove the hot water from the bowl and dried these potato wedges with a paper towel.
  • Step 5: Made some seasoning in the small bowl. You can make your seasoning recipe according to your suitable taste. My recipe is much easier for you, All the mentioned upward salts, garlic powder, black powder, and herbs, etc. with potatoes wedges blend in a bowl.
  • Step 6: In this step due to garlic and other salts, you’ll get the spicy & extra crunchy taste without the wedges overwhelming.
  • Step 7: Applying more coat of seasoning on potato on the grill is depend on your choice, Next step is towards grilling.

A recipe that is defined or experimented within a perceived way perfectly guides you and increases the taste of your grilled food. Any step missing may create a mess in the taste of potatoes. So, to take care of food deliciousness you should learn these 7 steps into fingertips.

Nothing can stop you from delicious cooking all family members loved your food material. Seasoning plays a vital role in the taste of grilled potatoes. The more your seasoning recipe is delicious the more crunch and taste you’ll enjoy. Potato wedges on the grill mean ready to defeat your hunger with, especially made potatoes. Our grilled potato wedges recipe is surely loved for you.

What Is The Best Type of Potato for Grilled Wedges?

We recommend russet potatoes as they are great for high heat searing. Russets are also known as Idaho potatoes, usually used for baking and French fries. Thus, they are also good enough to use as wedges. Moreover, they have thin skin, that allows you to cook them evenly, developing perfect outside crisp and fluffy inside.

You should go for organic potatoes as they are often prone to pesticides. However, organic has less chance of containing pesticides. Moreover, get firm and smooth potatoes, possibly each uniform in size. We like russet potatoes because of their size and sturdiness. But you can use any thin-skinned variety of your preference.

Seasoning for Grilled potato:

As I told you earlier, seasoning is the important factor of grilling potatoes to bring delicious taste. Seasoning is the main key to make the best potato wedges. Guys, it’s so easy for you to understand that seasoning is the mixture of pre-mixed materials, you’re ready to coat it on your potato wedges and make fresh, hot, tasty, and crispy wedges. The term seasoning means that pre-mixed flavor that you mix in a bowl according to your taste. Therefore, the flavor is ready, you want to give grilling potatoes.

Seasoning for Grilled potato:

That’ All!

Now you’re ready to coat the seasoning. After that, you can easily grill it on grilling tools. You can say that seasoning gives a taste to your potatoes. LOOK! It’s so easy.

Also these potatoes great featuring is you can easily switch up its flavor and enjoy different tastes. Just as if you are grilling chicken, the grilling seasoning of lemon herb gives you the awesome taste that you would surely loved it. Also seasoning comes in different pakages if you are not trying ranch seasoning try it and also try Cajun and taco seasong that tastes yum.

Try out our given recipe of seasoning, you will surely loved it and wants to follow us for more recepies. No master chef skills are required in cooking it, mix the ingrediants in the bowl and coat it on potatoes that are ready to grill.

Should I Use Foil?

Using an aluminum foil pouch minimizes the cleanup hassle. Therefore, many people prefer to use a foil packet to grilled potato wedges in foil. However, the foil will not allow you to create a grilled charr effect on their outside skin. So, we have not used it for this recipe.

Worried about your potato wedges sticking to the grill? No need to worry, simply use an oil with a high smoke point for smoking french fries such as canola oil to brush the wedges and your grill grates. It prevents your wedges from sticking.

Why It Is Good to Soak Potatoes Before Grilling?

We recommend putting your wedges in a hot water soak before you grill them. It is the best way to make crispier wedges. A hot water soak helps in absorbing more moisture and releasing some of the starch in potato flesh. It gives you crisper outsides and softer insides. Moreover, it does not allow wedges to stick together. So, it is better enough to soak the wetness from its surface to make your potatoes more crispy and best grilled or fried.

How Long to Cook Grilled Potato Wedges?

It depends on the size of your grilled sliced potatoes. It can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes for sliced potatoes on the grill to cook perfectly and crispy potatoes on the grill are ready. As in our given recipe, 8 sliced pieces of potato is easy and rapid to cook, it only takes 10 to 12 minutes to cook freshly.

For traditional cooking, it takes time and more effort but grilling potatoes is ready so hurriedly and satisfy your hunger with love.

How to smoke potatoes in an electric smoker?

There are many specially designed electric smokers, you just have to put potatoes in smoker to grilling a potato. Therefore, cooking potatoes in a smoker is so easy. All sliced potatoes on grill can easily be cooked out. Smoker potatoes baked in electric smoker are unique and delicious in taste.

What is the Best Temperature for Grilling Potato Wedges?

Potatoes take longer than a few minutes to cook. It is recommended to cook them over medium heat. If you grill them at a higher temperature, they will probably burn on the outside before cooked fully inside. As you know undercooked and overcooked food taste and smell so bad and make the food waste. A special grilling temperature measurement thermometer helps for accurate cooking.

How to Keep Wedges From Sticking on the Grill?

You can use oil with a high smoke point to brush your grill grates as well as wedges to minimize the chance of sticking and made smoked potato wedges. Keep wedges away from sticking allows you to perfectly cooked potatoes. Moreover, flip the potatoes when they release easily from the grates. Otherwise, if they stick cook them for a few more minutes.

The Bottomline:

Traeger grills are most demanding in national as well in international market. People loved baked potatoes on traeger grill with the addition of potato on the grill recipe.

A best recipe is most necessary with the best tool, if you want tastier, healthier, and delicious food. Foody people surely liked our recipe and loved it when eat. You all quries and problems surely get the best solution by reading these answers. Visit more sights for best guidance and slection of tools.