The Best 65 Charcoal Grills in 2022- Begin Grilling Game at Your Backyard, Campsite, or Anywhere!

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All grilling enthusiasts know charcoal grills are unbeatable when it comes to authentic aromas and perfect smoky taste. They also offer you great control over the cooking process. Imagine the tender textures, beautiful crispy crust, appetizing aromas, and knockout smoky flavors of your meals on your next backyard event, camping trip, or beach party. You cannot resist the lure of the best charcoal grill.

What first thing comes into your mind when you think about summertime? Maybe delicious ice cream, a beach party, or an outdoor cookout. Well, it is hard for me to imagine warm weather without some sort of grilling. I adopt this passion from my grandfather who is a true grilling enthusiast. No Doubt, any type of grills like a gas grill, smoker, and pellet grill can cook your meat. However, we have a long-time love for charcoal grills because of the flavorful meals they create. Above all, they are more durable and affordable and therefore a good option to start with even if you are on a budget.

It can be overwhelming to find the right charcoal grill for your needs and budget because the market is full of countless models of the charcoal grill. No need to worry! To help you find the best model for your home, we have tested dozens of top-rated grills over the years in our backyard, campsites, and outdoor barbecue parties. We compile a list of top-rated charcoal grills to meet different types of needs and expectations of people. We also put together our two-decades-long grilling experience and hours of research to highlight some important factors and tips, you need to know before making any buying decision. So, sit back and read on to enter the world of charcoal grilling!

Top 65 Charcoal Grill Reviews

Generally, the concept of grilling dates back many thousands of years ago when people build charcoal grill or use a homemade charcoal grill. You can also make a DIY charcoal grill using different homemade charcoal grill designs and ideas. However, the market is full of different charcoal grill brands these days that offer high-quality charcoal grills that make the grilling process more comfortable and mess-free. Even more, all thanks to technology you can buy your grill online without leaving the comfort of your couch. You can find decent charcoal grill deals from many online store’s product pages like Amazon charcoal grill, Walmart charcoal grill, Lowes charcoal grill, Home Depot charcoal grill, Target charcoal grill, Fire Magic charcoal grill, Menards charcoal grill, Costco charcoal grill, Kmart charcoal grill, Ace Hardware charcoal grill and many other.

Here we considered the charcoal grills of different styles, shapes, and sizes to suit the variety of user’s needs. We tested and picked models from Weber, Char-Broil, Char-Griller, Nexgrill, and other top brands to explore the right option for your next cookout.

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1: Overall Best – Weber Original Kettle Premium 22″ Charcoal Grill

This weber charcoal grill is almost the one you picture in your mind. We love this upgraded weber kettle charcoal grill because of its classic and compact design and unbeatable price. It is one of the best-selling amazon weber charcoal grills with a 4.9 rating. Moreover, this weber 14401001 original kettle premium charcoal grill, 22-inch, black has versatile features like a one-touch cleaning system, enclosed ash catcher, side handles with tool holders, and charcoal grill grate with two hinged edges.

Furthermore, weber original kettle premium charcoal grill allows you for direct and indirect cooking. Besides, the lid of this weber 22 charcoal grill features added heat protection. You can grill up to 13 burgers at once on this best weber charcoal grill that is more than enough for a family. Besides, weber 26 charcoal grill and 18-inch variations are also available for this model. Weber original kettle premium 22 charcoal grill is ideal for your next barbecue, campsite, or tailgate event.

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2: Best Splurge – Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill, 22-inch, Black

This splurge-worthy weber 15501001 performer deluxe charcoal grill has many built-in unique and modern features that make charcoal grilling easy-peasy and best. You get a total of 363 sq In. cooking space on the hinged grates. Moreover, the weber performer deluxe charcoal grill features a built-in thermometer, one-touch cleaning system, lid holder, and removable LCD timer. Besides, this weber 22 inch charcoal grill offers an integrated charcoal storage bin and a large prep table.

Furthermore, I love its touch-n-go gas ignition system that is new to me. This charcoal grill with gas ignition system starts quickly. The great quality of this performer deluxe charcoal grill 22″ ensures that it will serve you for years. This grill can withstand high temperatures and allow you for direct and indirect cooking. If you want a smooth and easy grilling experience. Then weber 15501001 performer deluxe charcoal grill 22 inch black is made for you.

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3: Most Versatile Charcoal Grill- Char-Griller Akorn 20-in Kamado Charcoal Grill

Char griller Akorn 20 in kamado charcoal grill is one of the best kamado-style grills. It has a teardrop design that works well for smoking and roasting. This charcoal grill and smoker features 447 sq In. cooking space that is decent enough to prepare meals for parties. One of the best abilities of this kamado charcoal grill is long-time heat retention. Moreover, this versatile grill gives excellent performance at a reasonable price. Besides, this unit features a lockable lid, locking caster front wheels, dampers, built-in heat gauge, removable ash pan, and 2 foldable shelves.

Furthermore, I like its cool looking and tripod design that has double-wall insulation and powdered coated exterior finish and porcelain-enameled interior. Amazon’s rating of this Kamado grill is 4.7 with more than 2K reviews. Besides, the charcoal grill home depot’s rating is 5 out of 5. Go for this super versatile char griller charcoal grill for grilling, smoking, and even baking flavorful dishes.

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4: Best Heavy-Duty Charcoal Grill- Dyna-Glo DGN576SNC-D Dual Zone Premium Charcoal Grill

Dyna-Glo is famous for its commercial charcoal grills as well as for home-grade products. This Dyna-Glo heavy duty charcoal grill means business. The unique feature of this Dyna Glo charcoal grill is its removable firebox divider. So, you can cook in two cooking zones with two different temperatures at the same time. Besides, the Dyna-Glo charcoal grill features two charcoal baskets for precise heat control.

Dyna-Glo DGN576SNC-D Dual Zone Premium Charcoal Grill, X-Large, Stainless

Furthermore, Dyna-Glo dual zone premium charcoal grill features a removable ash pan, built-in thermometer, adjustable dampers, two side shelves, and a bottom shelf. Even more, it facilitates you with a bottle opener and convenient handle. This Dyna Glo dual zone premium charcoal grill gives us a versatile cooking experience. Moreover, we find more than 700 Dyna Glo charcoal grill reviews on amazon with a 4.5 rating.

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5: Best Campsite Charcoal Grill- Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Weber go anywhere charcoal grill is our favorite choice for picnic, camping, and tailgating. This weber small charcoal grill has a compact and lightweight design. It allows you to grill up to 6 burgers at once. Moreover, it has a heavy-duty body that offers protection against rust and harsh climate. Besides weber tabletop charcoal grill has a rectangular shape and easily fits in the trunk of many cars.

Furthermore, the weber 121020 go anywhere charcoal grill features a lockable lid and adjustable dampers that provide better temperature control.  At the time of this review, the home depot weber charcoal grill’s rating is 5/5, and amazon’s rating is 4.7 with over 3K reviews. This mini charcoal grill is perfect for enjoying on-the-go grilling.

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6:  Best Cart-style – Expert Grill Heavy Duty 24-Inch Charcoal Grill

If you want to get the magical flavor of charcoal that is also simple and easy to assemble. Expert grill 24 inch charcoal grill is best for you. You can grill up to 20 burgers on its large cooking surface for the whole family. This model has all the features that a user expects to seek. It is made of heavy-duty material that is also easy to clean. Moreover, it is pretty simple to use this grill to cook your favorite dishes.

Expert Grill Heavy Duty 24-Inch Charcoal Grill Buy on Amazon

Furthermore, this expert charcoal grill features a charcoal access door, a removable ash pan, an easy-to-read lid thermometer, a bottle opener, a serving tray, and a bottom shelf for placing utensils. It is a great choice to enjoy versatile grilling at a reasonable price.

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7: Best Digital- Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill & Smoker

If you want high-tech features along with delicious taste, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill is one you should go for. This gravity charcoal grill with a smoker comes with WIFI capabilities and allows you to manage temperature and cooking time from your phone via an app. Moreover, the Masterbuilt charcoal grill features a digital control panel and digital fan that regulate the grill’s temperature. Besides, it has a meat probe and temperature gauge for perfect results.

Masterbuilt MB20040220 Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker, Black

Furthermore, this stainless steel charcoal grill comes with reversible cooking grates for low and slow smoking plus high heat searing. This best charcoal grill smoker can reach 700°F in just 13 minutes. Additionally, the gravity-fed hopper can hold up to 10-16 pounds of charcoal and allow you to cook for a day-long without adding more fuel.  At the time of this review, more than 500 Masterbuilt gravity series 560 digital charcoal grill & smoker reviews are posted on amazon.

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8:  Best Portable- Cuisinart CCG-100 GrateLifter Portable Charcoal Grill

Cuisinart portable charcoal grill is a perfect choice for enjoying high-quality grilling at picnics and outdoor cookouts. This ultra-light charcoal grill comes with a grate-lifting system that allows you to access the charcoal bed easily. You can cook up to 10 burgers on its cooking surface at once. Additionally, this rectangular charcoal grill comes with a dual venting system for precise temperature control. And sturdy base provides stability during grilling.

Cuisinart Electric Griddler, Stainless Steel

Moreover, the Cuisinart charcoal grill features a lid-mounted temperature gauge, steel firebox, a large ash collection pan, a table stand, side handles, and a firebox. It has a compact and traditional rectangular design that easily fits into small places. Hence, this grill is one of the best portable grills to enjoy BBQ anywhere you want.

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9:  Best High End- Weber 18501001 Summit Charcoal Grill

Weber summit charcoal grill is one of the most luxurious grills in the market. It has a comfortable design and offers high-end performance. This summit® charcoal grill has a double-walled and air-insulated kettle that allows you for day-long smoking at a consistent temperature. This model offers 452 sq In. of large cooking space. Moreover, this thermos charcoal grill with adjustable grate height and diffuser plate allows for low-and-slow smoking, grilling, roasting, searing, and even baking. Thus, the summit charcoal grill is the solution for any cravings.

Weber 18501101 Summit Kamado S6 Charcoal Grilling Center, Black

Furthermore, Weber summit charcoal grilling center features a one-touch cleaning system, high-capacity ash catcher, built-in thermometer, precise smoke setting, temperature control, shelves, hinged lid, Snap-Jet gas ignition system, and many more. The weber summit charcoal grill price is a little high, but its heavy-duty construction and versatile functionality give the best value for money. Amazon offers a weber summit charcoal grill for sale now and then. So, you can avail this opportunity like I did to save your money.

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10: Best Patio- Char-Griller E1515 Patio Pro Charcoal Grill

This patio pro grill has a classic shape and works great for small gardens and patios. It offers 250 sq In. of cooking space. You can handle a whole chicken roast or a tri tip on charcoal grill easily with indirect heat. Char-griller 1515 patio pro charcoal grill equips all the features you need like an easy dump ash pan, built-in wooden side shelf, cool-touch handle, adjustable dampers, and a bottom storage rack. This cart-style grill is powder-coated for durability.

Char-Griller E1515 Patio Pro Charcoal Grill, Black

Furthermore, a char-griller charcoal grill with cast iron grates allows you to whip up a delicious meal.  Additionally, it features a convenient side drawer for adding charcoal even during the cooking session. At the time of this review, the charcoal grill Walmart’s rating is 4.5 out of 5, and amazon’s rating is 4.6 with over 2K reviews. This budget-friendly charcoal grill is ideal when you are limited on space.

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11:  Best Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo- Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker

Tired of your standard charcoal grill? Then it’s the right time to bring the royal gourmet charcoal grill and offset smoker. It allows you to do any type of grilling and dual-style barbecue. With an offset smoker, it allows you for smoking brisket on charcoal grill or quickly grill burgers for your family. Moreover, this charcoal grill smoker offers a huge grilling surface of 800 square inches.  This versatile grill has solid construction and can reach up to 400oF.

Royal Gourmet 30

Furthermore, this charcoal grill and smoker combo feature a lid-mounted temperature gauge, removable ash pan, easy-access door, scald-proof handle, warming rack, smokestack, tool hooks, side, and bottom shelves. The selling point of this grill is the offset smoker aside from durable construction. However, you can use this smoker as a small grill too.

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12:  Best with Smoker- The Original PK Grill & Smoker

This PK charcoal grill is one of the company’s top-selling products. It offers 300 sq In. of cooking space that is ideal for a small family. Moreover, this compact and lightweight grill can be detached easily and work well for picnics and campsites. This smoker charcoal grill offers two cooking zones that allow you for low-and-slow smoking and direct grilling at high temperatures. It can provide a temperature range between 180 to 750oF.

PK Grills PKO-SCAX-X Original PK Grill & Smoker Grill Smoker, Silver

Furthermore, this cast aluminum charcoal grill provides four-times faster heat conduction than steel grills. Besides, it offers protection against rust and other environmental elements. This PK charcoal grill smoker combo is my favorite one because it allows me to switch my cooking style once in a while.

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13:  Best Simple- Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill

This char broil charcoal grill stands for its TRU-infrared cooking technology that allows you for more controlled and balanced grilling. Despite simple construction, it has some great features. The domes-style lid is hinged with one had and provides a little protection against the wind during cooking. It offers 360 sq In. of cooking space. Moreover, a no-fall-through and adjustable cooking grate prevents flare-ups and distributes heat evenly on the cooking surface to cook flavorful and juicy meals every time.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill, 22.5 Inch

Furthermore, Infrared technology helps you to cook faster consuming less charcoal. Besides, Char-Broil TRU-Infrared cooking system provides greater temperature control. A lid-mounted thermometer and chrome-plated wire bottom shelf offer more convenience.  This sturdy grill with no bells and whistles is great for the ultimate backyard barbeque.

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14:  Best Basic Charcoal Grill- Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-inch Charcoal Grill

Weber produces some best weber gas and charcoal grills in the market. This classic charcoal grill is a great choice for the people who are going to buy their first grill. It is easy to use, durable and budget-friendly, and therefore loved around the world. You can grill up to 13 burgers on its generous 363 sq In. of cooking space. Moreover, it allows you for high direct and low indirect cooking as well as smoking. This Weber charcoal grill smoker is made of heavy-duty material and supported by a tripod base.

Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

Furthermore, the original outdoor cooker 22.4-in black kettle charcoal grill offers almost the same features you get with its premium version. The main difference lies in the ash pan. This original kettle comes with an exposed plate while the premium version features an enclosed container. Besides company provides different weber charcoal grill sizes like weber 26 inch charcoal grill and weber 18 charcoal grill variations for the same model. So, you can pick anyone according to your grilling needs.

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15:  Best Kamado Style- Char-Griller Akorn Jr. Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill

Char-Griller E6714 Akorn Jr Kamado Kooker charcoal grill satisfies the case: “great things come in small packages”. This kamado charcoal grill provides excellent grilling performance with a small price tag. You can grill, smoke, and even roast with this versatile grill. Moreover, this egg-shaped acorn charcoal grill consumes less charcoal while cooking. Besides, it features dual dampers, temperature gauge, and triple walls of insulated steel. It offers 153 sq In. of cooking space which is decent enough for two persons. I love it because it heats up quickly and leaves perfect grill marks every time. This compact charcoal grill is my favorite choice for enjoying Kamado-style grilling at the campsite and park.

Char-Griller E6714 Akorn Jr Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill, Black Buy on Amazon


16:  Best Portable Charcoal Grill- Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill

Weber smokey joe charcoal grill is one of the top-selling and popular grills. You can grill up to 5 burgers on its 147 sq In. of cooking surface. This weber portable charcoal grill also works well for smoking. It has high-quality construction and an appealing appearance. At the time of this review, weber charcoal grill home depot’s rating is 5/5 with over 1K reviews. Besides, Amazon has over 4K reviews with a 4.7 rating.

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill,Black Buy on Amazon

Furthermore, the weber small charcoal grill features a nylon handle, a firebox, and an ash catcher. Besides, you get a 31-page guide full of the best charcoal grill recipes with this mini weber charcoal grill. I prefer this grill especially for an enriched distinct smoky flavor, it adds to meals. The flavor is more mouthwatering than I once had at bills charcoal grill restaurant. Overall, this best weber charcoal grill is ideal for tailgating, camping, and road trips.

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17:  Best Innovative- Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Ceramic Charcoal Grill

Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic charcoal grill is simple, powerful, and unique. It offers so many features that no other ceramic grill offers. This egg charcoal grill has ceramic construction and an eye-catching and striking design. Its Kontrol Tower Top Vent feature allows you for precise temperature control. Besides, Airlift Hinge helps you with effortless opening and closing. Furthermore, Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System allow you to apply different cooking styles at different temperature all at once. So, this kamado pro ceramic charcoal grill proves the most powerful cooking tool in your backyard.

Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Ceramic Charcoal Grill, 18 inch, Blaze Red Buy on Amazon

Moreover, this out-of-the-box 18 inch charcoal grill features locking caster wheels, AMP firebox, stainless-steel latch, and wire mesh fiberglass gasket, and many more. Even more, it offers so many accessories like rotisserie kits, cover, pizza oven attachments to bake pizza on charcoal grill, charcoal grill grates, griddles, and iKAMAND (Bluetooth technology to control your grill via smartphone). This kamado professional ceramic charcoal grill takes your grilling game to the next level.

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18:  Best with Griddle- Blackstone 1819 Griddle and Charcoal Combo

If you love the taste of traditional outdoor cooking, the Blackstone griddle & charcoal grill combo is a perfect choice for you. The griddle is great for bun toasting, side meals, and sauté vegetable and expand your cooking quickly and easily. This combo grill is very easy to use and assemble. Moreover, you can easily move the Blackstone griddle and charcoal grill combo from your backyard to the campsite because of its sturdy caster wheels and removable griddle top.

Blackstone 1819 Griddle and Charcoal Combo, Black

Furthermore, the Blackstone duo griddle & charcoal grill combo features an adjustable cooking grate for more controlled cooking. Besides, it comes with side and bottom shelves, a rear grease management system, charcoal grate hook, propane adapter hose, and additional utensil hooks. Consider this Blackstone griddle to enjoy hassle-free outdoor cooking.

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19:  Best Large Charcoal Grill- Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D Premium Charcoal Grill

Dyna Glo premium charcoal grill is perfect for serious grillers who want massive space and clever features. It can hold more than three dozens burger at once on it large cooking space of 816 square inches. This large model also comes with a higher price tag than regular charcoal grills. Although we sum up from our Dyna Glo charcoal grill review, this premium version is worth investment. Furthermore, this crank adjustable charcoal grill lets you raise and lower the charcoal tray for better temperature control.

Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D Premium Charcoal Grill, Extra Large, Black

Moreover, Dyna Glo dgn576dnc d premium charcoal grill features a charcoal basket, access door, a smokestack with adjustable flue, a built-in thermometer, locking caster wheels, side shelves, and a bottle opener.  This premium and extra-large model is made by GHP Group. Besides, GHP introduce master forge charcoal grills. Also, it offers the same model (master forge 32-in charcoal grill) with almost the same basic features and the Master-Forge logo on the lid.

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20:  Best Tabletop Charcoal Grill- Char-Griller E22424 Table Top Charcoal Grill and Side Fire Box

Char-griller 2-2424 table top charcoal grill and side fire box used as a charcoal grill or a side smoker. You can attach it to all char-griller barrel grills for enjoying some Texas-style smoking. But once you switch from grill to a side firebox, you cannot switch back to the grill. This tabletop charcoal grill portable comes with a total of 250 sq In. that is more than enough to hold a 12-pound brisket.

Char-Griller E22424 Table Top Charcoal Grill and Side Fire Box, Black

Furthermore, Char-griller 2-2424 tabletop charcoal grill features a cool-touch handle, an ash pan, and a sliding charcoal drawer to access coals easily. Overall, this heavy-duty tabletop grill is a good choice for enjoying grilling anywhere you want.

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21:  Weber 15301001 Performer Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black

This another performer deluxe charcoal grill 22 from Weber offers powerful performance and excellent features. Weber performer charcoal grill withstands high grilling temperatures and allows you to cook up o 13 burgers on charcoal grill at once. Like the original kettle weber charcoal grill 22 inches, it features a one-touch cleaning system, and a removable ash pan. Additionally, the weber performer premium charcoal grill offers extra workspace and tool hooks while taking less space on your deck. Also, this performer charcoal grill weber comes with a gourmet grill grate system and a lid holder.

Weber 15301001 Performer Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black

Moreover, if you prefer a splash of color, blue weber charcoal grill, weber charcoal grill copper and some other variations are also available for this model and other weber grills as well. At the time of this review, weber charcoal grill Walmart’s rating is 4.7, and Amazon’s rating is 4.9 with over 700 reviews. Just get this 22 inch charcoal grill and you will not regret it.

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22:  Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill

Lodge l410 pre seasoned sportsman’s charcoal grill has a unique hibachi-style. It is seasoned with 100% natural oil. Thus, it does not contain any chemical fillers. The compact design of this hibachi charcoal grill makes it portable and suitable for picnics and road trips. Besides, it comes with a draft door to regulate temperature and a flip-down section to access charcoal.  Likewise, this outdoor charcoal grill hibachi grill comes with two adjustable heights and allows you to sear meat or vegetables perfectly at a high temperature.

Lodge Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven, Pre-Seasoned, 5-Quart

Furthermore, Lodge cast iron charcoal grill has superior heat retention and provides fuel efficiency. It does not have a lid but a sturdy handle for easy transportation. It is highly recommended by many people, especially for tailgating and beach. At the time of this review, the portable charcoal grill home depot’s rating is 5/5, and Amazon’s rating is 4.7/5 with over 2K reviews. On the downside, it takes a long time to heat up and requires regular seasoning to maintain its durability.

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23:  Char-Griller 2137 Outlaw 1063 Square Inch Charcoal Grill / Smoker

The Char-Griller outlaw charcoal grill is perfect for large families and grand backyard parties. It offers more than 1000 sq In. of cooking space that is more than enough to hold 38 burgers at once. This char griller outlaw charcoal grill offers plenty of extra storage space. You can organize your cooking tools on the side and front shelves and charcoal on the bottom rack. Moreover, this heavy duty charcoal grill and smoker features an easy-dump ash pan, a warming rack, adjustable fire grates, an airtight flanged hood with heat gauge, and sturdy wheels. This chargriller charcoal grill has heavy-duty construction and serves you for years. You can add a side firebox to enjoy great Texas-style smoking with this char-griller 2828 pro deluxe charcoal grill. This top rated charcoal grill is the choice of professionals.

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24:  Weber Master Touch 22-in Kettle Charcoal Grill

Weber provides high-quality grills in the market. No matter, we talk about weber gas and charcoal grills combo or built in weber charcoal grills or weber kettle-style grills or any other. They all are popular and comes with the best features. This weber master touch charcoal grill offers convenient features and 443 sq In. cooking area. It can hold up to 13 burgers at once. Moreover, it comes with Char-Basket fuel holders, tool hooks, a built-in thermometer, a Tuck-away lid, a hinged cooking grate.

Weber 14501001 Master-Touch Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black

Besides, you can also buy additional inserts like a griddle for a more versatile cooking experience. At the time of this review, Lowes weber charcoal grill’s rating is 4.5, and Amazon’s rating 4.8 with over 1K reviews. Weber master touch 22 in kettle charcoal grill is easy to use and assemble and allows you to focus on mastering your cooking.

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25:  Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill 

If you prefer the convenience of gas grill and flavor of charcoal, char griller 5050 duo gas and charcoal grill is a perfect choice for you. This best gas and charcoal grill combo offers tons of space and some handy features. It has heavy-duty construction and lasts for years. Moreover, it offers 1260 sq In. cooking area (438 sq In. charcoal grill, 438 sq In. gas grill, and a large warming rack). with 40,800 BTUs. Besides, this combo gas and charcoal grill have integrated thermometers on both grills. Char griller duo gas and charcoal grill equip plenty of storage space, adjustable charcoal grate, double bottom insulation, an electronic ignition, and easy dump ash pan. Overall, char griller gas and charcoal grill is an amazing combo to cook some restaurant-quality food at a reasonable price.

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26:  Fire Sense Large Yakatori Charcoal Grill

This Japanese charcoal grill is perfect for enjoying outdoor cooking events such as hiking, camping, picnics, and tailgating. It has handmade clay construction and a Japanese-style tabletop barbecue. Moreover, this camping charcoal grill can hold four burgers at once. Besides, refectory ceramic allows for more efficient fuel usage and faster cooking times. Yakatori charcoal grill comes with a chrome-plated cooking grate, internal charcoal grate, and a stand with handles for a safe cooking experience.  You can cook juicy and more tender meat with this yakitori charcoal grill. Enjoy an exotic Asian taste with this best cheap charcoal grill.

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27:  Americana Swinger Charcoal Grill with Two Side Tables  

Meco Swinger charcoal grill is very handy for picnics, ballgames, hiking, and any other on-the-go- grilling event. It offers 342 sq In. of decent cooking space and a 6-position cooking grid. Moreover, this red charcoal grill comes with six heat zones and allows you to cook medium, rare, and well-done at the same time. Besides, it features a tilt-away hood, adjustable air vents, easy-rolling wheels, and two folding side tables. An elevated fire gate and ash dump prevent burnout and make cleanout easier.  overall, this Meco charcoal grill provides the best value for the money.

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28:  Kingsford OGD2001901-KF Charcoal Kettle Grill     

Kingsford OGD2001901-KF charcoal grill is an effective and reliable model. It comes with a 354 sq In. of cooking area that is decent enough. You can grill up to 21 burgers at once to feed a small group of people using this Kingsford charcoal grill. Moreover, this versatile unit is useful in the outdoors. It has a durable porcelain coating that protects it against heat and other environmental factors. Besides, it comes with all basic features like a warming rack, air vents, and wheels for mobility. It also has a bottom rack for storing your utensils. At the time of this review, Walmart Kingsford charcoal grill’s rating is 4.2, and Amazon’s rating 4.4 out of 5 with over 200 Kingsford charcoal grill reviews. It is pretty good for camping, hiking, and picnics.

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29:  Oklahoma Joe’s 19402088 Rambler Portable Charcoal Grill 

This Oklahoma joe charcoal grill is one of the best tabletop and best small charcoal grills. It offers 218 sq In. of cooking space that is decent enough to hold 10 burgers at once. Moreover, I love the sizzling sear marks it leaves on food such as chops and steaks. Besides, it has durable steel construction and versatile features that make this tailgate charcoal grill ideal for hitting the road with you. For instance, it comes with a full-sized removable ash pan, professional temperature gauge, large air dampers, and sturdy side handles.

Oklahoma Joe's 19402088 Rambler Portable Charcoal Grill, Black

Furthermore, this charcoal grill with adjustable charcoal tray can be raised or lowered to 3 fixed positions and allows you to cook fast and hot as well as low and slow.  At the time of review, the portable charcoal grill Walmart and Amazon’s rating is 4.7 out of 5.  It is a good choice to enjoy grilling in your backyard or even at a campsite.

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30:  Char-Broil American Gourmet 30-inch Charcoal Grill

Char-broil offers this classic barrel-style grill that boasts a total of 840 sq In. It can hold up to two dozens burgers on its main grilling area. Moreover, char-broil American gourmet charcoal grill 840 features an adjustable airflow system, convenient side and bottom shelves, sturdy wheels, reinforced lid, tube handle, built-in temperature gauge, and integrated tool hooks. With so many features, this char-broil charcoal grill l gives you an excellent grilling experience. Moreover, this adjustable grate charcoal grill provides ultimate heat control to cook a variety of delicious meals.

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. Moreover, this adjustable grate charcoal grill provides ultimate heat control to cook a variety of delicious meals.

31: Old Smokey Charcoal Grill #22 (Large)                    

The old smokey charcoal grill is another small charcoal grill that works well for camping, picnics, and tailgating events. This outdoor charcoal grill offers a relatively large cooking space of 345 square inches than other portable models. Moreover, it has aluminized steel construction and lasts for decades if used properly. Honestly, this vintage charcoal grill does not have a lot in terms of parts and complexity. But it is easy to use, assemble, and take care of because of the design simplicity. It has enough temperature control and allows to do low-and-slow smoking using indirect heat. This bbq charcoal grill is a good choice for those who are looking for a lot of cooking space with a portable version.

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32:  Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3-Burner Liquid Propane and Charcoal Hybrid Grill   

This char-broil gas2coal 3-burner gas and charcoal grill allows you to enjoy the convenience of a gas grill and the signature flavor of charcoal. You can easily convert charcoal grill to propane within 60 seconds without any tool. This char broil gas and charcoal grill is the solution of gas or charcoal grill debate.  The char broil gas charcoal grill offers 540 sq In. of cooking space that is decent enough. Besides, this propane and charcoal grill also comes with an improved design than other hybrid gas charcoal grills produced by Char-Broil.

Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3-Burner Liquid Propane and Charcoal Hybrid Grill

Moreover, this combo gas charcoal grill features foldable side tables, an electric ignition, cast-iron cooking grates, a removable charcoal tray, and a lid-mounted temperature gauge. Further, the propane charcoal grill comes with a side burner to prepare sauces and other side dishes. You can also use the dual gas charcoal grill as a smoker. At the time of this review, the gas and charcoal grill combo Walmart’s rating is 4.3, and Amazon’s rating is 4.4 with over 100 reviews. Overall, this best gas charcoal grill is ideal for enjoying memorable grilling with family.

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33:  Char-Broil American Gourmet 18-inch Tabletop Charcoal Grill    

This char broil tabletop charcoal grill has a compact and portable design that makes it ideal for on-the-go grilling either on the campsite or anywhere else. It comes with a 225 sq In. cooking space that is pretty ok. This barrel-style grill comes with a slide-out charcoal drawer for mess-free cleanup. Moreover, it features side handles for easy transportation and a tube frame for stability. At the time of review, this tabletop charcoal grill Walmart’s rating is 4.6, and Amazon’s rating is 4.7 out of 5. You can also attach this tabletop charcoal grill portable model as an offset smoker to the side of other char-broil models. But once it switches, it cannot be used as a table charcoal grill.

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34:  Kingsford GR1031-014984 Barrel Charcoal Grill    

This Kingsford barrel charcoal grill comes with a total of 793 sq In. large cooking space. It allows you to cook up to 35 burgers at once. This barrel charcoal grill has a sturdy design and heavy-duty cooking grates. Moreover, it comes with metal side shelves and a bottom rack for placing cooking utensils. Besides, a built-in thermometer allows you to monitor precise temperature and wheels make transportation easy. At the time of this review, Kingsford charcoal grill Walmart and Amazon’s rating is 4.2 out of 5. You can also consider the Kingsford bandit charcoal grill that offers almost the same features and design and can hold 16 hamburgers on charcoal grill’s cooking space at once.

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35:  TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS Park-Style Charcoal Grill  

This park style charcoal grill is ideal for a small family. It is made of heavy-duty steel and offers a lot of space to cook your all food. You can adjust grate height to 4 different positions/heights according to your cooking needs. Moreover, this park charcoal grill can rotate full 360° for more convenience. Besides, this cheap charcoal grill comes with cool-touch side handles that allow you to cook your food safely.  This adjustable charcoal grill is a good choice to enjoy grilling on-the-go.

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36:  Disposable Charcoal Grill    

If you are like me, you want mess-free grilling, especially at outside parties. This ready-to-use cooking grill is ideal for enjoying grilling fun anywhere and anytime without any mess and cleanup. It is also very easy to use and assemble. Furthermore, all-natural charcoal adds a mouthwatering and yummy taste to your meals. The package of this disposable charcoal grill includes a grill grate, charcoal, a heat-protected stand, and a recyclable aluminum foil pan. Moreover, it lights super easily with a single match. I prefer this grill for an outing to impress my guests with a little effort. It is ultra-portable and lightweight and allows you to cook your favorite food on a park bench.

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37:  Char-Broil Kamander Charcoal Grill        

If you want to enjoy Kamado-style cooking without breaking the bank, this Kamander grill from char-boil is one of the good options. It offers the same features and functionality you get from a higher-priced Kamado model. This model comes with a removable ash pan, a large folding side shelf, and a unique intake channel for precise temperature control.  Besides, it has a double-walled steel construction. The ash pan removes from the top and elements the chances of air leakage. Above all, this versatile grill allows you for grilling, roasting, and smoking all with one unit. So, consider this budget-friendly grill to cook tasty food without compromising on quality.

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38:  Brinkmann 852-7080-7 Gourmet Charcoal Smoker and Grill   

Brinkmann offers some good quality Brinkmann professional charcoal grills and Brinkmann gas and charcoal grills in the market. The Brinkmann gas charcoal grill allows you to enjoy the features of both worlds. This Brinkman charcoal grill and smoker has a cool-looking design and allows you to cook up to 50 pounds of food at once on its two chrome-plated cooking grills. Furthermore, the Brinkmann charcoal grill features a porcelain-coated steel water pan, a charcoal pan, a front-hinged door, and a lid-mounted heat indicator. Besides, this brick charcoal grill comes with cool-touch wooden handles that make transportation easy.

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39:  Weber Jumbo Joe 22″ Premium Charcoal Grill      

If you want a weber grill without spending much amount, this smallest weber charcoal grill is perfect for you. This jumbo joe charcoal grill is a very simple grill having some thoughtful features like a heat-shield lid and lid hook to give you a pleasuring experience while grilling. Moreover, this weber jumbo joe 22 premium charcoal grill offers 363 sq In. cooking space that is decent enough for small groups. You can find this weber charcoal grill at Walmart and Amazon. But this weber premium charcoal grill is exclusively sold at Walmart. Moreover, the Walmart weber charcoal grill has a 4.7 rating and Amazon’s rating is 4.8 out of 5 at the time of review. Overall, this best charcoal grill under $100 is ideal for go-to grilling.

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40:  Smoke Hollow TC3718SB Gas-Charcoal-Smoker Combination Grill  

This Smoke Hollow combination gas and charcoal grill feature a charcoal grill, a gas grill, a side smoker, and a side burner. The smoke hollow charcoal grill allows you to do multiple-style cooking all in one place with one single model. Both gas and charcoal grills come with a porcelain-coated wire grid and chrome-plated racks. Moreover, two temperature gauges are also included for both gas and charcoal grill. This gas and charcoal grill combo allows you to host large backyard get-togethers with 858 sq In. of cooking space. You get a perfect smoky flavor with this outstanding smoke hollow gas and charcoal grill.

Dual Fuel Combination Charcoal/Gas Grill

Moreover, this combination gas and charcoal grill feature a front basket to access utensils and ingredients easily, a bottom shelf to store more stuff, and electronic ignition for quick startup. Ultimately, this gas and charcoal grill with smoker is a good choice to enjoy a versatile grilling experience.

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41:  Char-Broil CB940X 08301390-26 Charcoal Grill

This char broil cb940x charcoal grill comes with quality features to give you an excellent grilling experience. It comes with 540 sq In. of cooking space that is decent enough to cook a decent amount of food. Moreover, it is made of heavy-duty steel and lasts for years. This charbroil charcoal grill allows you for smoking along with grilling. Besides, it features two folding side shelves, a bottom rack, a built-in temperature gauge, an adjustable fire grate, multiple dampers, a front access door, and a removable ash pan. You can move it anywhere you want easily using its four casters. Overall, this good charcoal grill not only looks great but also cooks great.

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42) Kingsford 24″ Charcoal Grill

Kingsford offers some high-quality grills in the market such as Kingsford lone star charcoal grill and Kingsford 14 charcoal grill. This Kingsford 24 inch charcoal grill is a good choice to enjoy grilling with a crowd or some friends. It can hold up to 20 burgers at once on its 583 sq In. of cooking surface. Moreover, Kingsford 24 charcoal grill comes with some handy features such as a temperature gauge, an adjustable charcoal tray with a front access door, an easy-to-remove ash pan, a bottom rack, a foldable side shelf, and a bottle opener. Besides, heavy-duty wheels and aluminum side handle make transportation easy. Overall, this Kingsford portable charcoal grill is a practical choice for backyard parties.

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43:  Rancher Fire Pit Charcoal Grill with Rotisserie

This Rancher fire pit charcoal grill offers 730 square inches of primary cooking area and 158 square inches of secondary cooking space. It allows you to cook plenty of delicious and juicy food for your family and friends. Moreover, this fire pit charcoal grill has heavy-duty steel construction and some handy features to give you a comfortable grilling experience. For instance, it features a swivel work table, pot hanger, a drainpipe, and height-adjustable rotisserie. I like the jerk chicken of Moe’s charcoal grill restaurant but unable to eat due to pandemic. So, I decided to make it by myself. And this charcoal grill with rotisserie work like a champ to cook restaurant-quality delicious chicken at home.

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44:  Char-Griller 2121 Super Pro Charcoal Grill and Smoker

This char-griller super pro charcoal grill is a choice of professionals and backyard enthusiasts. It offers 830 sq In. of huge cooking space. You can cook a variety of food to feed a whole gang using this professional charcoal grill. We buy this model from a charcoal grill sale and it works like a champ for us. We cook enriched flavor burgers, steaks, fish, and many more with this big charcoal grill. Do you ever try the pasta with grilled shrimp from chef mike’s charcoal grill?  We attempt to cook it with this model and the results were amazing.

Char-Griller 2137 Outlaw 1063 Square Inch Charcoal Grill / Smoker

At the time of this review, charcoal grill Lowes and Amazon’s rating is more than 4 out of 5. Moreover, the char griller super pro 29 in barrel charcoal grill features an easy-dump ash pan, adjustable fire grates, an airtight flanged hood with temperature gauge, and three handy shelves for plenty of storage. Besides, you can add a side firebox and rotisserie to this char griller pro deluxe charcoal grill for added advantage.

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45:  Landmann Vista Barbecue Grill

Landmann provides some high-quality and affordable gas and charcoal grills such as vista and Landmann napa charcoal grill in the market. This vista charcoal grill offers 575 sq In. of cooking space. Furthermore, the Landmann vista charcoal grill comes with cool-grip handles, an easy-access charcoal door, an adjustable charcoal pan, a removable ashtray, and a chimney with an adjustable damper. Besides, it features two side shelves for extra prep space, a bottle opener, and a bottom rack. You can adjust the charcoal pan to multiple positions using crank handles according to your cooking needs. You can find this charcoal grill at Walmart with a 4.5 rating and at Amazon with a 4.0 rating with over 50 reviews.

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46:  Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle Grill

This large weber charcoal grill is great for family reunions, and grant backyard parties. The Weber ranch kettle charcoal grill 37″ offers more than 1000 sq In. of cooking space. Generally, caterers and chefs use this commercial charcoal grill for restaurant. Moreover, this round charcoal grill features solid construction, which you get from all Webber charcoal grills. Besides, it comes with a tuck-away lid, tool hooks, a built-in lid thermometer, stainless steel hinged-grate, and a removable ash pan. This extra large charcoal grill also features locking casters for easy movement. No doubt, it comes with a higher price tag. We buy this weber charcoal grill on sale. You can also purchase it from the weber charcoal sale to get some concession.

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47:  Stok SCC0140MX Tower Charcoal Grill

This STOK charcoal tower grill allows you to grill a decent amount of your favorite and tasty food on it 363 sq In. of cooking space. It has a heavy-duty and appealing design. Besides, stainless charcoal grill withstands high temperatures and frequent grilling. At the time of this review, Amazon has more than 50 stok charcoal grill reviews with a 3.6 rating. Furthermore, this stok charcoal grill comes with a built-in thermometer, a removable ash catcher, a tower grill, a grill grate, a pizza stone on charcoal grill, and an insert removal tool. Besides, it features a built-in chimney with air vents that provides better temperature control for more even cooking.

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48:  Expert Grill 22.5-Inch Kettle Charcoal Grill

This expert grill 22.5-inch kettle charcoal grill offers 350 sq In. of cooking space that is large enough to hold 21 burgers at once. It has a simple and decent design. Moreover, this charcoal grill small features a porcelain-coated fire bowl and lid, a chrome-plated warming rack. The built-temperature gauge helps you to monitor the precise temperature inside your grill. Besides, a slide-out ash receiver makes cleanup mess-free. This basic and little charcoal grill can prove a good companion for your next barbecue.

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49:  Kingsford 32″ Charcoal Grill, Black

Kingsford 32″ charcoal grill is an ideal choice to enjoy delicious aromas and tasty meals at your next family get-togethers. It offers 495 sq In. of primary cooking space and 273 sq In. of secondary cooking space. Moreover, Kingsford 32 charcoal grill black comes with some convenient features such as a temperature gauge, a cast-iron cooking grid, a heavy-duty lid, an easy-to-remove ash pan, and a bottom rack to store charcoal or other stuff. Besides, it features two foldable side shelves for extra prep space, tool hooks for hanging utensils, and a bottle opener. Overall, this Kingsford 32 inch charcoal grill has all bells and whistles to give you an enjoyable grilling experience.

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50:  KitchenAid 27 in. Cart-Style Charcoal Grill

This Kitchenaid charcoal grill is ideal to host a large group of people. It offers more than 850 square inches of cooking space. Moreover, it has two side shelves, a bottom rack for extra storage, an adjustable charcoal rack with three levels, and an ash drawer Ford mess-free cleaning. At the time of this Kitchenaid charcoal grill review, Amazon’s rating of this model is 4.1. Besides, this outdoor kitchen charcoal grill has more than 600 Kitchenaid charcoal grill reviews with a 4.1 rating on home depot.

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51:  Nexgrill Cart-Style Charcoal Grill    

If you prefer a cart-style backyard cooker, this Nexgrill cart-style charcoal grill is the right choice for you.  It has a solid design that offers decent space to cook plenty of food. I bought it from the home depot charcoal grill sale. This Nexgrill charcoal grill comes with sturdy handles, a folding side shelf, a bottom shelf, an adjustable charcoal tray, and a built-in temperature gauge. Moreover, the cast iron grates provide better heat retention and durability. It takes more time to assemble than other cart-style grills, but every part fits together perfectly. you can also consider Nexgrill 29 in. barrel charcoal grill/smoker in black, if you want a more versatile cooking experience without breaking the bank.

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52:   Expert Grill 17.5-Inch Charcoal Grill      

This expert grill 17.5-inch charcoal grill fits right into your backyard or campsite. This square charcoal grill comes with a clean and simple design and a decent cooking surface that can hold up to 16 burgers at once. Moreover, this charcoal grill features a porcelain-coated fire bowl and hinged lid with a locking clasp, and a bottom rack. At the time of this review, small charcoal grill Walmart’s rating is 3.9, and Amazon’s rating is 4.7. This model is a good choice to enjoy a distinctive savory flavored barbecue on your next outdoor cookout.

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53:  Louisiana Grills 61240 Kamado BBQ Ceramic Grill Cooker     

This Louisiana Grills Kamado charcoal ceramic cooker is ideal to enjoy classic BBQ in your backyard. the versatility, quality, and beauty of this modern and budget-friendly grill appeal to many people. Louisiana grills 24″ ceramic kamado charcoal grill offers 567 square inches of two-tier cooking space and allows you to cook anything in any way. Moreover, it features two foldable side shelves, a lid-mounted thermometer, a solid cooking grid, and a wood handle and springs. Besides, this collapsible charcoal grill fits easily in small spaces. This kamado ceramic portable folding charcoal grill works great for smoking, baking, roasting, grilling, and even searing.

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54:  Char-Griller Smokin’ Outlaw Charcoal Grill   

This char-griller smokin’ outlaw charcoal grill is appreciated by many pros and barbecue enthusiasts because of its great features and heavy-duty construction. It offers a large cooking space of 975 sq In. of cooking space and a side firebox for smoking. Like char-griller pro deluxe charcoal grill, it features side and bottom shelves, a built-in temperature gauge, airtight flanged hood, and a removable ash pan. If you want more cooking space, you can consider char-griller 2735 pro deluxe xl charcoal grill that can hold up to 52 burgers at once. The same brand also introduces Smokin champ charcoal grill with a little varied functionality.

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55:  Napoleon NK22K-LEG-2 Built in Grill   

This Napoleon charcoal grill is big enough to feed a crowd of people. It can grill up to 23 hamburgers at once while taking less space in your backyard. You can grill roast and even smoke your food with ease find this built in charcoal grill. Moreover, it comes with a built-in lid hanger, chrome-plated cooking grids heat diffuser, and removable ash catcher. Massage you can adjust the have great to three different levels according to your grilling or cooking needs.  Do you ever try the grilled cheeseburger from Mihm’s charcoal grill restaurant? If yes, you can get more delicious and excellent cooking results from this charcoal grill lady. Above all, it features a superior air control system that gives you incredible temperature control. So, it can hold high temperatures for longer than any other grill in our lineup.

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56:  RiverGrille Cattleman 29 in. Charcoal Grill and Smoker  

This Rivergrille cattleman 29 in. charcoal grill and smoker offer plenty of cooking or smoking space. It comes with a warming rack and a side firebox. You get 767 sq In. of cooking space with this model. Moreover, it features a professional temperature gauge, cool-touch handles, a removable ash pan, a side shelf, and a bottom rack. The side firebox comes with a side door to accommodate large wood logs for low-and-slow smoking. Overall, this cattleman 29 in. charcoal grill and smoker has all bells and whistles to have a good cooking experience.

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57:  Stainless Steel Electric Indoor/Outdoor Charcoal BBQ Grill   

This Foggo electric charcoal grill is great to enjoy hassle-free grilling, everyone looking for. No doubt, we all love the flavor of barbecue but not the rest: the time-taking and messy preparation and tons of smoke produce by a normal charcoal grill. Well, no problem anymore. This indoor charcoal grill is super safe and easy to use. Moreover, it offers enough space to cook 10 hamburgers or 8 steaks on charcoal grill at once using less charcoal. So, you can invite your friend and family for enjoying delicious meals. Moreover, this smokeless charcoal grill comes with a double-walled design, a dishwasher safe, a batter operated turbofan, and a closed mesh container.

Besides, it is super light and ready to use within five minutes. A travel bag is also included in this product package making this commercial indoor charcoal grill best for camping and picnics. Above all, if you are not satisfied with this best charcoal grill under 200, you can return it within 30 days.

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58:  Aussie Walk-A-Bout Portable Charcoal Grill

Aussie Walk A Bout portable charcoal grill is an ideal choice for picnics, camping, and tailgating. It offers 332 sq In. of cooking space. This folding charcoal grill features large handles, folding legs, a locking bowl, a green hood, a chrome-plated grid, and a removable ash pan. Moreover, adjustable grill height and vent allow for better temperature control. Besides, the Aussie charcoal grill folds flat for easy storage and transportation. If you prefer a splash of color, blue charcoal grill variation is also available for this model. Overall, this pre-assembled flat charcoal grill works well for any outdoor cookout.

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59:   Char-Broil Santa Fe Charcoal Grill

Char-broil Santa Fe charcoal grill provides sizable cooking space at a reasonable price. It offers 435 sq In. of cooking space. Moreover, this char-broil 29.8-in charcoal grill features an easy-access ash door, a removable ash pan, adjustable fire grates. Besides, two foldable side shelves and a bottom rack allow for additional storage space. You need to clean the firebox of this char broil charcoal grill smoker properly to avoid flare-ups. Also, you need to use a grill cover to protect your investment and increase the lifespan of this charcoal grill with smoker box.

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60:  Even Embers 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner

Even embers 5 burner gas and charcoal grill offers 715 sq In. of ample cooking space. This gas charcoal grill combo is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. Moreover, this propane and charcoal grill combo equip cast-iron cooking grates that distribute heat evenly. Besides, this combination gas charcoal grill comes with a side burner, heat tents, a fully welded steel hood, and a removable grease tray. you can move this gas and charcoal grill combo with smoker easily via rubber wheels. At the of this review, Walmart gas charcoal grill’s rating is 4.1 with over 30 dual gas charcoal grill reviews. Overall, this dual gas and charcoal grill gives you a good grilling experience.

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61:  Coleman Roadtrip Tabletop Charcoal Grill

This Coleman tabletop charcoal grill is a good choice for your next road trip. It offers 225 square inches of cooking space and allows you to cook burgers, steaks, veggies, and many more. Moreover, this Coleman charcoal grill comes with a latching lid, foldable legs for easy transportation Anna removable ash pan for easy cleanup. It has a compact and cool-looking design that attracts many people. Coleman also offers some high-quality combo propane and charcoal grills too. At the time of this review, the charcoal grill Amazon’s rating is 4.6 out of 5.

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62:  Cowboy Charcoal Grill and Fire Pit

Cowboy charcoal grill offers 725 square inches of cooking surface that is ideal for any backyard party. Moreover, this fire pit charcoal grill comes with some handy features to give you a comfortable grilling experience. For instance, it features a swivel work table, pot hanger, a drainpipe, and nickel-plated cooking grates. This wood charcoal grill work like a pro to cook restaurant-quality delicious meals at home like I once tried at Michaels charcoal grill restaurant.

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63:  Backyard Grill Gas/Charcoal Grill

Backyard grill dual gas charcoal grill allows you to go for your favorite cooking method. This propane charcoal grill combo comes with a large cooking surface, 3 steel burners, two chrome-plated warming racks, and a side burner. Moreover, this gas/charcoal grill combo features two side shelves, two separate temperature gauges, an adjustable charcoal grid, tool holders, and a bottle opener. If you want something portable, you can consider backyard pro portable outdoor gas and charcoal grill smoker.

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64:  Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 6 in 1 BBQ Grill Auto Temperature Control, 450 Sq in Bronze

This Uniflame charcoal grill is great for a true grill fan. It offers 410 square inches of cooking surface and can hold 23 burgers at once. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable cooking grid that works well for searing and slow cooking. Besides, this versatile model features a foldable side shelf with integrated tool hooks and a bottom shelf for convenient storage. A large charcoal grill ash catcher makes cleanup a breeze. Overall, it is the best charcoal grill for the money to enjoy grilling on-the-go.

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65:   BBQ PRO Table Top Charcoal Grill

This bbq pro charcoal grill is the final model on our list and a good choice for camping, tailgating, and picnic. It offers a small cooking space and can hold up to 4 burgers or a couple of decent-sized chops at once. Moreover, this Korean/ Thai charcoal grill has some handy features such as a charcoal pan, and a wire rack, and foldable legs. You can use this disposable grill multiple times if you want.

BBQ PRO Table Top Charcoal Grill

According to best charcoal grill consumer reports, charcoal grills account for 40% of all models sold. You can also find many other brands offering charcoal grills such as Kenmore deluxe charcoal grills, sams charcoal grills, sunbeam charcoal grills, and many others. However, we put there some best models which are tested by us and our team.

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Charcoal Grill Vs Gas Grill- The Great Debate

While choosing a grill, you come across a common debate over gas vs charcoal grill. Everyone has their own opinion; you are either in one camp or the other. Some grill fan claims that charcoal overpowers all else. In contrast, others prefer the simplicity of a gas model. You can enjoy the benefits of both with a combo model. We also highlight some best combination gas and charcoal grill reviews in the previous section.

Gas grill vs charcoal grill is an ongoing battle. Rather than guessing which one is better, we will discuss the benefits and limitations of charcoal and gas grill. So, you can make an obvious decision about which grill is best for you either propane or charcoal grill.

Charcoal Grills

Benefits of Charcoal Grills

  • Less Price: Charcoal grills are the cheapest among other types. You can find a basic charcoal grill for around 50$-150$. Obviously, some high-end models go up from there. But they are far less expensive than gas grills.
  • Enriched Smoky Flavor: Charcoal grills stand out above all others because of their smoky flavor. Many avid grillers claim that the charcoal grill is the only way to go. You can not get a crispy, caramelized exterior and a unique smoky taste from your meats and vegetables with a gas model.
  • Higher Temperature: If you ever use a charcoal grill, you may notice that the charcoal models can reach higher temperatures than gas models. Usually, at least 600o F is required for a nice searing. A high-quality charcoal grill sometimes reaches up to 800o F or 900o
  • Easy Assembly: charcoal grills have fewer parts and mechanisms. So, you can set up a charcoal model in a jiffy.
  • Portable: Charcoal grills are more portable than gas grills. You can easily place it along with a bag of charcoal into a car and take it to the park, beach, or anywhere you want.

Limitations of Charcoal Grills

  • Longer Pre-heat Time: Charcoal grills take a longer time (20 to 25 minutes averagely) to reach a cooking temperature. Besides, lighting a charcoal grill also requires more time and attention. You can use different methods for starting a charcoal grill.
  • Fuel Cost: Charcoal is a more costly fuel than propane in a long run. You can use a 20-pound charcoal bag for two to three cooking sessions. In contrast, a 20-pound natural gas or propane cylinder can be used for 25-day cooking.
  • Bulky Cleanup: They take more time for cleanup because of charcoal and resulting ashes. You need to empty used ashes before scrubbing with a brush. So, cleaning charcoal grill can be messy and tedious.
  • Limited Temperature Control: It is difficult to manage the temperature or level of heat output of a charcoal grill.
  • Few Accessories: You can find charcoal grill replacement parts and other add-ons like rotisserie and chimney for charcoal grill. But they have fewer accessories than gas grills.

Best Charcoal Grill

We recommend Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill because of its durability and top-the-notch features.

Gas Grills

Benefits of Gas Grills

  • Pre-heat Time: Gas grills light up quickly with a press of the ignition button. Simply turn on the switch to spark life to your grill. Besides, it takes only 10 minutes or less to reach cooking temperatures.
  • Fast Cleanup: Gas grilling does not involve ashy mess and charcoal. When you have done your cooking, you need to clean the grates by rubbing a brush, and the cleanup process is over. Thus, cleaning a gas grill is super easy, quick, and mess-free.
  • Fuel Cost: As mentioned earlier, you can cook for longer with propane. So, natural gas and liquid propane will cost less as compared to charcoal.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Gas grills come with all bells and whistles to provide better control over the heat output. You can easily lower or raise the temperature using control dials. So, you can also cook delicate meals without overpowering the smoke flavor with gas grills.
  • Many Accessories: You have more options for add-ons with gas grills. For instance, you can go for sear burners, rotisseries, side burners, smoker boxes, and many more.

Limitations of Gas Grills

  • Low Temperatures: Even Though you get more precise temperature control with a gas grill, it cannot reach to overall maximum temperature as a charcoal grill temperature can. You need an added sear burner for a nice searing.
  • Higher Price: Gas grills come with a higher price tag because they come with more features and tools than charcoal grills. They usually cost between 150$-300$.
  • Less Smoky Flavor: Gas grill provides more convenience, but it does not impart much flavor to meals that many grill enthusiasts prefer. However, you can buy other add-ons and specific wood planks for added flavor.
  • Assembly Time: A gas model is a bit complicated to assemble than a charcoal grill setup. Besides, it is a time-consuming process to hook up a gas grill to a propane tank.
  • Safety: You should follow proper safety measures with any type of cooking. But you have to more careful while grilling with a gas model. Make sure that your grill is at least 10 feet away from your home, the tank is attached properly without any leaks and your grill is grease-free.
  • Portability: The travel-sized and portable gas grills are available in the market. But it is difficult and a bit dangerous to take your gas grill to the park or beach.

Best Gas Grill

We recommend Weber Genesis II E-335 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill because of its top-of-the-line cooking power and quality build.

Charcoal Grill Accessories & Tools

You need some essential grilling accessories when you cook with charcoal models. These items make your overall grilling experience easy, enjoyable, faster, and safer. Charcoal grill menu, rotisserie, charcoal grill pan, covers, tongs, binchotan charcoal grill, spatula, charcoal grill plover, lava rocks for charcoal grill, and more are the bells and whistles that not only make your barbecue easy but also more professional.

Typically, some are essential for doing the job properly and some are not needed much. It depends on your habits too. Don’t like a mess? Buy an ash pan for charcoal grill. Want everything at hand? Consider a model with side tables and hooks or purchase a separate charcoal grill table. Moreover, you can easily find parts of a charcoal grill for replacement such as master forge charcoal grill parts, weber charcoal grill replacement parts, Brinkman charcoal grill parts, Kingsford 24 charcoal grill parts, Aussie charcoal grill parts, Uniflame charcoal grill parts, and many others.  Let’s have a look at some of the recommended accessories of charcoal grills below before you proceed to the next section.

1: Kingkong Charcoal Grill Cover including Stainless Steel Brush and Tongs

A grill cover not only protects your grill from environmental factors but also increases the lifespan of your model. This Kingkong grill cover perfectly fits weber premium, and performer deluxe 22-inch charcoal grills and other models come from different brands with similar dimensions. It is made of heavy-duty polyester fabric and protects against water, rips, wind, and UV rays.

Kingkong 7152 Grill Cover for Weber Performer Charcoal Grills, 22-Inch (Compared to Weber 7152) including Stainless Steel Brush and Tongs Buy on Amazon

Moreover, it comes with Velcro straps that keep the cover tight and in place. Besides, it is easy to use and clean. Above all, you get a stainless steel brush to clean charcoal grill and tongs to flip and hold your food with this product package. Kingkong offers different size and shape variations of this cover, so check your grill dimension and select the one that fits properly to your model. If you have a Weber model and want the cover from the same brand, you can also purchase a Weber charcoal grill cover on Amazon.

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2: Weber Hinged Cooking Grate Stainless Steel

Weber charcoal grill accessories and Weber charcoal grill parts offer the same quality and durability as their grills. So, you can get a pleasing and successful grilling experience every time. The replacement hinged cooking grate has a heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Flip-up sides allow you to add briquettes easily for indirect cooking.  Moreover, Weber charcoal grill grates come with curved handgrips. It is compatible with weber kettle 22”, Master-touch 22.5-inch, and other 22” charcoal grills. You can also purchase a cast iron grate for weber charcoal grill on Amazon.

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3: Kingsford Quick Start Charcoal Chimney Starter

Kingsford offers many add-ons and Kingsford charcoal grill parts. There are different ways to start a charcoal grill. But lighting charcoal grill with a chimney starter is possibly the best way to start a charcoal grill. This charcoal grill chimney starter works fast and lights up your coals quickly and evenly. This Kingsford chimney starter is easy to use and made of heavy-duty, rust-resistant zinc steel. Moreover, this charcoal grill starter comes with a heat shield and cool-touch handle that protect your hand from extreme temperatures.

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4: QuliMetal Grill Table Shelf for 22 Inches Weber Master Touch & Original Kettle Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grill table offers you extra prep space and allows you to set everything you need at hand. Besides, you can use it as a serving tray. This side rack allows you to accommodate a variety of utensils like tongs. rubs, and brushes, or a tray full of meat, etc. You can even put a weber charcoal grill recipes book on it. It is compatible with weber original kettle, original kettle premium, and weber’s master-touch 22” charcoal grills. you can fold up this weber charcoal grill table when you don’t need it.

QuliMetal Grill Table Shelf for 22 Inches Weber Master Touch & Original Kettle Charcoal Grills, Replaces Weber Grill Side Shelf, Outdoor Steel BBQ Table Folds to Store Inside Barbecue Grill Buy on Amazon

Moreover, it is very convenient and portable and works well on road trips and picnics. Besides, the weber charcoal grill side table comes with four hooks on the edge for hanging your utensils. It has solid construction and an appealing appearance. The cross-line system and sturdy-quality allow it to hold up to 15-20 pounds. Even more, you can use two-weber charcoal grill tables at a time, one on each side for a lot of extra workspaces.

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5: Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box

Char-Broil offers many high-quality accessories and char broil charcoal grill parts. The Char-broil smoker box allows you to enjoy smoked meats on your grill. Some models come with smoking abilities. you can turn charcoal grill into smoker and switch back according to your needs. But for others, you have to purchase a separate smoke box for charcoal grill. This smoker box is made of cast-iron and retains heat well. Besides, it withstands high grill temperatures efficiently.

Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box Buy on Amazon

All you need is to add wood chips on charcoal grill and the lid automatically vent smoke and add extra flavor to your meats, burgers, and more. Moreover, this smoke box for charcoal grill allows you to smoke directly on your model to get an enhanced flavor profile. Besides, it is compatible with most grills.

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6: Cuisinart CGS-134 Grilling Tool Set with Grill Glove

This 3-piece grill set includes all the essential grilling tools a chef needs to cook food perfectly. It consists of a spatula, tongs, and fork. Besides, you get a heat-resistant glove in bonus that protects your hands from burning. Each tool has high-quality construction and heat-resistant rubber handles. The wide spatula allows you to flip steaks, fish, and more easily. It also has an integrated bottle opener. The curved tongs work well for turning hot dogs and brats. Moreover, you can easily hang them on tool hooks. This set is available in a splash of colors such as red, black, blue, orange, and green.

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7: Weber 2290 22-Inch Charcoal Kettle Rotisserie

Weber charcoal grill rotisserie fits almost all 22-ich charcoal kettle grills. It allows you to turn your model into a rotisserie cooker to enjoy chicken and chuck roast on charcoal grill. This rotisserie charcoal grill comes with a heavy-duty motor, a wooden rod handle for safe handling. Besides, it features a counterbalance for smooth turning and rotation. So, you can produce delicious and self-basted meat in your backyard with this charcoal grill rotisserie.

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8: Cuisinart CGMT-300 Premium Deck and Patio Grill Mat

This premium deck and patio charcoal grill mat protect your deck & patio from blots, grease, and trips. It is made of 100% PVC material keep in place. Moreover, you can use it outdoors all season long because of its heavy-duty and weather-resistant material. Besides, it works well with smokers, grills, and griddles. So, you can use your charcoal grill on wood deck without ruining it with stains and spills.

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9: DOZYANT Barbecue Charcoal Grill Smoker Temperature Gauge

This DOZYANT charcoal grill thermometer is very easy to use and install. It has a colorful face and an attractive design. It read the temperature with great accuracy and allows you to monitor the precise temperature of your grill. The case is made of stainless steel. This grill thermometer has a waterproof surface and provides maximum durability. Thus, it is not only safe and environment-friendly but also inexpensive.

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10: JJGeorge Grill Torch Charcoal Starter

This grill torchlight a charcoal grill easily and quickly. It is completely cord-free and light charcoal within 45 to 60 seconds. Moreover, it does not cause charcoal to spark like other lighters. Besides, the flame is adjustable up to 1300o C. So, it the best way to light charcoal grill using this grill torch charcoal grill starter. Simply fix the torch head into a standard 14oz propane can and properly light your charcoal grill with propane starter without any delay.

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How to Buy a Charcoal Grill- Important Factors to Consider

In this section, we will cover all the significant features and factors you need to consider before you make any investment to buy charcoal grill for yourself.

Size and Cooking Capacity

The first factor you need to consider is the size and cooking space of your grill. It depends on how many people you expect to feed and how much space you have to store your grill. Small grills are easy to manage and quite portable. So, if you are an occasional griller or have a small family, there is no point to invest in a larger and expansive model. You can grill a decent amount of burgers or a whole chicken on charcoal grill with a small cooking capacity. But if you want to feed a large crowd of people, large models are ideal for cooking plenty of food at once.

Build Quality and Durability

You always want to invest in a model that serves you for years. The quality and durability are defined by the materials used in grill construction. Grills are made with a variety of materials such as cast-iron, stainless steel, steel, ceramic, and aluminum charcoal grills are available in the market. If you grill frequently and use intense heat, you need to choose heavy-duty materials like cast iron and ceramic. However, if you do not grill frequently, you can pick a budget-friendly grill. Porcelain-enameled and chrome-plated grills are quite durable and fit to a mid-range budget too.

Temperature Settings

A pro can handle the inconstancies with temperature easily but not all others. The design of grills assists you with temperature settings. the best charcoal grills come with an air-tight hood and proper ventilation system for better temperature control. Besides, the built-in temperature gauge helps you to monitor the internal temperature of your grill. So, you can change the settings according to your needs.

On the other hand, some grills come with height-adjustable cooking grates to give you more control over the temperatures during the cookout. Mid-range and high-end grills give you more precise temperature settings and better heat control, but they come with a higher price tag. However, you can precisely control the heat output of the basic model with practice.

Types of Grills

You need to be aware of the type of grills, so you can go for the right one that satisfies your needs. Typically, there are three types of the charcoal grill.

  • Kettle Grills: They have a spherical shape that provides even heat distribution. Generally, a kettle model is a good choice for beginners because it is easy to use and maintain. Besides, it is small, more portable, and available at an affordable price.
  • Barrel Grills: They offer a large cooking capacity and hence comes with a higher price tag than kettle grills. These large grills work like kettle models but are ideal for low-and-slow cooking and smoking. This type of grill is best for you if you want to enjoy smoked meats and smoked chicken on charcoal grill.
  • Ceramic Grills: This type is the most expansive option among other grill types. They feature high-quality material and design and ideal to feed a large crowd. Besides, they offer excellent temperature control than others. But we do not recommend it for a first-time buyer. An experienced griller and professionals are the best candidates for a ceramic model.

Ease of Use

Always look for a grill that has a thoughtful and easy-to-use design. For instance, easily openable vents, rolling wheels, steady racks, convenient hinged lid. This small stuff makes a big difference. Overall an easy-to-use and simple model saves your time and efforts and gives you a smooth and enjoyable grilling experience otherwise only mess and frustration.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Charcoal grills are tough to clean, and nobody likes this job. Therefore, how to clean charcoal grill is an important matter that requires your attention. You should consider how easy the grill can be assembled, maintained, and cleaned while buying. Moreover, you should look for a grill that comes with high-capacity ash catchers or a one-touch cleaning system, or any other similar function.

Accessories & Additional Features

Some grills come with a variety of additional features that take your cooking to the next level and give you a more pleasing and comfortable cooking experience. For instance, some models come with a smoker box, integrated temperature gauge, griddle, and side burners. Others come with side tables, a bottom rack, a bottle opener, tool hooks, a cleaning system, stands, and warming racks. You also find a ton of accessories and add-ons like charcoal grill recipes book, charcoal grill covers, heat resistant gloves, and many others. These charcoal grill inserts provide more ease and comfort during the cookout. Consider what is most important to you and decide accordingly.


You find charcoal grills range from $25 to $2000+ in the market. The price tag varies from model to model and brand to brand. What you get for your money makes a difference. You can find a portable and basic model by spending less than $35. A grill ranges from $70 to $100 offers convenient features. But if you want a maximum level of durability and high-end features, you can go for an expansive one. Your grilling needs and price point always play a role in driving your decision. But always set a budget and stick to it.


Each grill comes with a warranty. A solid warranty is the insurance of your grill and gives you confidence about the quality of the product. You can invest in a model that offers a decade-long warranty without hesitation. The solid warranty backup all charcoal grill parts of the grill and heavy usage, providing you charcoal grill replacement parts and even charcoal grill replacement grates if they suffer irregular damage. Also, consider customer service.


Q) How to use a charcoal grill or how to cook on a charcoal grill?

Cooking on a charcoal grill is a bit more complicated than gas models.  First, you need a good amount of charcoal lumps or briquettes. The amount of charcoal depends on the food you are going to cook and the overall size of your grill. Next, you need to start charcoal grill. There are several methods for starting charcoal grills. you can light it using an electric ignition or another tool.

Now, you have to oil the cooking grates. Also, clean it to remove the previous grease if have any. From here, preheat your grill for several minutes (15 to 30) before placing any food on grates. You can control the temperature using upper and lower vents during the cooking session. Close the lid if you want to use direct heat for cooking your meals. Otherwise, use an indirect zone for low-and-slow cooking. If you want the maximum temperature possible, close both vents. In contrast, close the upper vents to a quarter or half for having a lower temperature.

After you have done your cooking. Let the grill cool down and dispose of the ashes and clean your model. Lastly, cover the grill and store it in a proper place.

Q) How to start a charcoal grill?

How to start charcoal grills and how to light a charcoal grill are asked interchangeably. Some charcoal grills come with an electronic ignition system. You can start a charcoal grill with gas starter system quickly and easily. However, these models are available at a higher price tag.

If you have a basic and budget-friendly grill, you can start or light your charcoal manually in two different ways. Firstly, you can buy a chimney starter to light your grill within minutes. Secondly, you can add lighter fuel on charcoals and light them using a matchstick. When the coals start glowing red, you are ready to start cooking on charcoal grill.

Q) How to put out charcoal grill?

After finishing your cooking session, you have to put out your charcoal grill. The best way is to simply close your lid so the hot coals can cool down. At the same time, cut the oxygen supply by closing both the upper and lower vents of your grill. This will extinguish your coals. Keep in mind that coals may take a while to cool down.

Q) How to clean a charcoal grill?

You can clean your grill once the grill has been cooled down and the coals are extinguished. Use mild soap to wipe down the inside of the lid and bowl of your model. Next, clean the cooking grates using a wire brush or scraper. Once they are clean, use a paper towel or rag for seasoning. Finally, empty the ash pan of your grill.

Q) How to clean charcoal grill grates?

You can clan the cooking grates easily using a steel wire brush or/ and a scrapper. But if grease and burnt food sticks on your grates and does not remove with a brush. you can take them off and soak them in soapy water for a few hours. Then remove the loosened food particles and grease from the grates. Once they get clean properly, make sure to season them with oil using a paper towel or a rag. This will prevent rust and increase the life span of the cooking grates.

Q) How to start a charcoal grill with a chimney?

A chimney starter is a simpler and faster way to light your coals without compromising the flavor profile of your food. Firstly, place some lighter cubes or crumpled newspaper/ paper towels in the bottom section of the chimney. Then load the top container with charcoals. From here, place your chimney inside the grill (by removing the grate) or on any heat-proof surface. Light the lighter cubes or paper at multiple points. And since heat rises and will light all the charcoals in 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, pour the coal into the grill when the charcoals look ashy and glowing. Then you can start your grilling game.

Q) How to light a charcoal grill without lighter fluid or chimney?

Lighter fluid is a dangerous option to light your charcoal. Besides, it imparts a chemical flavor to your meals. If you use too much fluid, it adds a heavy chemical smell to foods. There are many alternative and safer options available. So, it is not recommended to use lighter fluid especially if you are a beginner.

A chimney starter is an easier way, but it is not necessary to use it for lighting your grill. You can start or light your grill using an electric starter, hot air charcoal starter, Firestarter briquettes, vegetable oil, or kindling.

Q) Can you use wood in a charcoal grill?

The simple and short answer is yes. Many people think that they can use only charcoal as a fuel source in their charcoal grills. However, using wood is absolutely fine. You can use wood as an alternative fuel source or can mix it with charcoal. But make sure, the wood is not treated with any chemicals.

Q) How to use wood pellets in charcoal grill?

Wood pellets are an affordable and popular fuel source. They add a unique smoky wood flavor to meats. As we mentioned earlier, it is fine to use wood in a charcoal grill.  But always make sure that you buy barbecue pellets not any other. Once you find your preferred pellets, mix them with charcoal. Then light up the coals using a chimney starter. You can add pellets to coal when the grill gets hot. Wait for the pellets to ignite. Then close the lid and keep the vents half-open to maintain an ideal temperature. You can add more wood pellets according to your cooking needs. We recommend using a pellet tube smoker to avoid combusting issues and add a more robust flavor to food.

Q) How to use wood chips on a charcoal grill?

Charcoal grills already know for the flavor profile they add to your meals. But you can get even better taste using different ways. One of my favorite ways is to use wood chips to takes the smoke flavor to a next level. You can use wood chips using the same method used for adding wood pellets. Smoke ribs on a charcoal grill or any other food you want with a more enhanced flavor profile using wood chips in charcoal grill.

Q) How to get charcoal grill hotter?

The downside of a charcoal grill is the lack of heat adjustment. You need a mechanical approach to get charcoal grill hotter. For instance, choose a suitable and high-quality fuel source, adjust the dampers smartly, close the firebox to raise and maintain heat output and use more conductive materials.

Q) How to keep a charcoal grill lit?

How to set up a charcoal grill is not a challenge. Modern technology makes it pretty simple. However, keeping your charcoal grill lit to cook your food and evenly is the actual challenge. Your grill will not stay lit if you do not use it properly. You need some practice and patient to learn how you keep your fire ongoing.

First of all, choose your charcoal wisely because charcoal is the key. So, spend a few extra dollars on quality charcoal to keep the flame of your grill alive. Next, stack your charcoal vertically instead of arranging flat. As you know heat rises. Therefore, heat transfer from bottom coals to the top coals. When the charcoal begins to glow and has grey edges, use a poker device to move charcoals. It allows air to the charcoal and they will heat up quickly. Besides, utilize charcoal grill vents and dampers to maintain airflow otherwise. Finally, don’t let your grill burning by itself. Because charcoal will cool down and as result, your fire will die.

Q) What is the best food to cook on charcoal grills?

If you have expertise in grilling, every food you grill is the best one. You can smoke delicious ribs on charcoal grills. Moreover, we cook burgers, turkey, chicken, shrimp, and steak on charcoal grills. But also fruits, desserts, veggies, sides, and many more. I love baking potatoes on charcoal grills, the taste is irresistible. There are only a few things that we don’t like on the grill. Overall, you can fulfill your food cravings anytime with a charcoal grill.

Q) Propane vs Charcoal- How to choose?

We discussed all the pros and cons of using each type of grill earlier to help you to decide the right one for you. Simply ask a question to yourself. Do you looking for an easy and fast meal, or you want something more? The answer hits your choice and just go for it.

Q) How to smoke on a charcoal grill?

You can smoke easily using a charcoal grill. The best and useful way of smoking on a charcoal grill is producing two heat zones (one direct and the other indirect). Simply arrange the coals on one side of the cooking grate and leave the other side empty. Now light the charcoal grill (we hope you know how to light charcoal grill properly) and load one side of the grate with lit charcoals or into a charcoal basket. Place a water pan on the empty side, it will help to maintain a low cooking temperature for smoking with charcoal grill.

Next, preheat the grill for 30 to 60 minutes until it reaches the required temperature. From here, pour wood chunks or chips on the coals and place your food on top of the cooking grate over the pan and close the lid. If you will cook for hours, you may need to add more charcoal over time to maintain the heat level.

Q) How to use a weber charcoal grill?

As we discussed earlier, how to use charcoal grills. You can use a weber charcoal grill in the same manner. The method is almost the same regardless of the grill’s brand. The following video will help you in this regard.

Q) How to use charcoal grill vents properly?

Generally, a charcoal grill comes with two vents. Vents play a key role in regulating your grill’s temperature. The top vent kicks out the gases and heat from the grill and pulls oxygen into the bottom vent. And the job of the bottom vent is to provide oxygen to charcoals. This oxygen keeps the fire going. There are three key stages:

  1. Fully open both vents to feed your charcoal with oxygen.
  2. Partly open both vents to maintain the heat at a consistent 225°F.
  • Completely close them to extinguish the heat and fire.

If you want to set up a two-zone grill, close the bottom vent completely. You can adjust charcoal grill vents open or closed according to your preference and cooking needs.

Extra Tips

We discuss so many things in detail. Now it’s time to discuss some charcoal grill tips that will help you to have an enjoyable and memorable grilling experience every time.

  • Make sure your grill is properly clean and dry before use.
  • Use a chimney starter to light your grill, if you are a beginner because it is the easiest way.
  • Not have a chimney starter? Then make a pyramid of coals and carefully light it in multiple positions on the bottom.
  • Fully open both vents or dampers of your grill.
  • Preheat your grill before placing your food on the grate. This will protect your food from sticking to your grill.
  • Adjust your dampers properly to control the oxygen level inside your grill. Because the better airflow helps coals to burn hotter and faster.
  • During the cooking session, avoid adding charcoals that are pretreated with lighter fluid. It can cause a great hazard.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, we review all the best charcoal grills in terms of construction, performance, and price.  If you are an occasional griller or look for a charcoal grill to cook a quick dinner. Don’t invest in something fancy. A basic model will serve you best. If you want something more versatile and long-lasting, go for relatively expansive models.

We hope this post will help you to decide on the best one for your needs and expectations. Let us know your choice and how it works for you. We love to hear about your experience.

We wish you intense smoky flavor and happy meals!