Different Types of Beef Roasts

Planning to make delicious beef roasts? But you can confuse about so many types of beef roasts. No doubt, with so many various varieties available, deciding which is best for you can be difficult.

Indeed, different kinds of beef roasts are available in the market. From rump to sirloin, there are a lot of roasts ready to throw into the oven.

To help you sort through the options and make the best choice, we have deeply investigated and compiled a list of the most popular beef roasts and the different cuts of beef roast for you.

What Are The Different Beef Roast Cuts?

What are The Different Beef Roast Cuts

We have experienced and tasted three different cuts of beef for making roasts. Whenever you visit the beef shop, you will observe these beef cuts by the butcher.

As you know, beef roasts are not inexpensive and take a lot of time to get ready. Because you will have to invest money, time, and effort to prepare a roast beef recipe, so knowing which beef cut to buy will enhance the chances of success.

Ordinary Beef Cut

Ordinary beef cuts are the most common roast that you can find on your dinner tables. These are the general-purpose roasts suitable for regular dinners, especially on weekends with family and friends. The remaining roasts are perfect for slicing up and turning into sandwiches.

Tough Beef Cuts

Tough Beef Cuts

If you have enough time to cook, it is better to choose tough cuts for slow cooking, and they will taste better when cooked longer. Tougher cuts are more flavorful than ordinary cuts.

“Slow cooking” refers to simmering food for six to eight hours or perhaps longer.

But make sure don’t overcook it! Otherwise, it becomes dry and crusty and loses its juiciness.

Pot roasts are a must-try, and pulled beef is best served with tough cuts. So, if you are looking for a tasty, juicy steak, these are the cuts you want to choose.

Premium Cuts

Premium Cuts

The premium cut is the finest choice if you want a juicy steak. These are sensitive sections of the animal and are perfect for special occasion banquets. Prime beef is the highest grade of beef, and it has a lot of flavor and tenderness.

These cuts are leaner than the tough cuts and are easiest to cook so that they will have better flavor.  Moreover, these are the most effortless cuts to cook compared to the others.

12 Most Common Types Of Beef Roasts

We have analyzed the 12 most common types of beef roasts. As you can confuse when looking at the markings in the butcher’s shop, therefore this guide will be of great use to you for your dish to be successful.

1. Bottom Round Roast

The bottom round roast is one of the finest cuts from the beef hip or round primal. It is the perfect cut for roasting because it is delicious and soft when cooked at low and slow temperatures. Because of the lower fat level of this cut, it is less sensitive. So, we cannot recommend bottom round roast for steaks, but perfect for roasting.

If you want to balance out the leanness, you can add extra fat, i.e., bacon strips. Thyme, tarragon, and carrots are the best combination for this dish. Try this Thai coconut and lemongrass bottom round meal to shake things up truly.

2. Beef Brisket

The beef brisket is a large muscle that comes from the lower of the cattle’s chest area and is high in fats. It is the most praised by barbecue fans for slow and low cooking because of its rich fat and beautiful grain. Slow cooking develops a deep taste ideal for braising, grilling, or smoking.

You can cook it in different various ways, from barbecuing, roasting, braising, and stewing.

3. New York Strip Roast

The short lion section of the cattle is used to make the New York strip roast which is the unused muscle of the cattle. It has a long bone and a relatively small amount of fat. Resultantly, it is an incredibly juicy, soft, most tender cut of beef and has a mild roast. You can cut it into small sizes of steaks or roast a whole amount.

The New York Strip roast is also good for special occasions and large gatherings and will leave lasting impressions on your guests.

4. Rump Roast

Rump Roast

This roast beef cut is boneless and comes from the cattle’s hindquarters, and covers the hip bone. Moreover, the Rump roast cut is flavorful and lean. If this cut is not cooked correctly, it can be hard to swallow the flesh.

Therefore, ensure that the rump beef roasts are cooked at the proper temperature, depending on the amount of meat available for roasting and how nicely you have cooked your meat.

5. Tri-Tip Roast

The tri-tip roast is the cut of beef from the cattle’s bottom sirloin. It is a triangular-shaped cut of meat. Furthermore, it is one of the tastiest, soft textures and juicy roasts if you don’t overcook it.

If you want to get the best flavor, try to marinate it overnight in the freezer with some olive oil, garlic, pepper, and salt, and then grill it over a redwood fire. Make sure it should be uncovered in the freezer. It is a favorite for most barbecue lovers. You may either cook it whole or cut it into smaller steaks.

The tri-tip roast size varies from 2.5 pounds to 5 pounds, but the average weight in the market is 2.5 pounds.

6. Chuck Roast

Chuck Roast

This is the most common roast beef cut from the cow’s neck and shoulder. The shoulder is the most moving part of a cattle’s life; therefore, it is a stiffer part but also juicier. The chuck roast cut is the perfect protein for braising or one-spot cooking because of its lean and marbled shape, but it becomes exceptionally soft if we cook it at low flame.

Moreover, the chuck roast is an excellent cut for making hamburgers and sandwiches due to its high fat-to-meet ratio. Apart from that, it is ideal for cooking stew and pot roast. Chuck roast can further be sliced into cross-cut and Boston cut.

7. Scotch Tender

Scotch Tender

If you like highly slim pieces for roast, scotch tender is best for you. The supreme quality of this meat part is fat-free and has a more robust meaty flavor than any other cut of meat. It is a significantly leaner cut as compared to the bottom round. The scotch tender name comes from beef tenderloin due to its resemblance and originates from cattle’s shoulders, which is the most moving part of the cattle.

Scotch tender cut can become tastier and tender if you cook it at low heat settings for many hours. Chuck Eye, Medallion Pot Roast, and Chuck Filet are all names for this beef roast.

8. Eye Round Roast

The Eye round roast is another beef roast from steer or heifer’s front log. This beef muscle is soft but the complex and lean part due to the most exercised muscle of the animal body.

Roasting this beef cut is simple; you can roast it entirely or make thick slices for steaks and thin slices for sandwiches. Its stiffness may remain either cooked or overcooked at high flame settings. So, to convert it to soft, you will have to marinate it a day before with pepper and salt and then put your favorite spices before roasting.

9. Rib Roast

Rib Roast

The rib roast is a premium beef cut from the animal’s Rib area and has a delicious meaty flavor. When cut from the center of the rib part, it is flavorful, scrumptious, and tender. For the juicier supper, break it into thinner steaks. The commonly used rib roasts are standing rib roasts and rolled rib roasts, and they can quickly be found in banquet halls and restaurants.

10. Whole Beef Tenderloin

The whole beef tenderloin is the most famous type of beef roast because of its tenderness. This is the most expensive part of the meat as chateaubriand; T-Bone, fillet mignon, and porterhouse are the parts of this beef roast.

Further, it is a rarely used muscle of animals; therefore, the flavor is light but exceptionally juicy and soft. Whole beef tenderloin is a big meat piece, so we can roast it whole or cut it into sliced steaks.

11. Coulotte Roast

Coulotte roast is the cut of beef from the sirloin tip roast and is delicate and savory. There is also a thin layer of fat on top, so the roast remains tasty and wet after many hours of cooking. It is a big boneless meat and has the most robust flavor. Coulotte roast is best for making a full beef roast with a smoky seasoning in low cooking or slicing it against the grain for separate pieces.

12. Ribeye Roast

Ribeye roast is a popular cut of beef that comes from the center of the animal’s rib area. This is the best cut of meat for a beef roast because of its rich flavor and tenderness. It also has a marbled texture, so you will get a juicy and significant portion of meat to consume. You can roast it thoroughly or chop it into smaller steaks, and it will not disappoint you because of its thick texture and mouthwatering flavor.

What Is The Most Tender Beef Roast Out Of These Different Types Of Roasts?

The whole beef tenderloin is the most tender and expensive beef roast out of these.

Final Words

Now you know the best roast for your next dinner party, making it unique and worthwhile. A beef roast is a slice of delicious and versatile meat for special occasions that you can roast and serve in many ways.

Best of luck, and feel free to share your roasting tips with other BBQ lovers in the comments!